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Wifi icon

Carmelo Anaya
Updated at 2024-02-27 10:19:11 UTC 
What does this WiFi icon mean?
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Rain delay error

David Maerzke
Updated at 2024-02-23 20:51:22 UTC 
I'm getting "Error: Rain delay 1039728 with an end date of 2024-02-27."  I want to extend the delay, but it won't let me.  
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Help Finding/Identifying a Replacement Part

Updated at 2024-01-17 23:54:47 UTC 
Topic: General

I purchased my Pixie in April 2022 and it has been great! Unfortunately this past season then top connector part cracked and is unusable due to the leaks. I believe it is still under warranty, would I be able to receive a new part? Pic of the part is attached. 

If not, would you be able to tell me the specifications of the part so I can order it elsewhere (The inner and outer piece).

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Moisture watering adjustment

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Updated at 2024-01-09 20:27:04 UTC 

Hi there I have one of the whisperer that doesn't allow to adjust watering below 50%, 

Sensor number 2 in my installation. 

All the rest I can chose lower values

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Manual run times need to be longer and editable while running

Updated at 2024-01-19 21:27:13 UTC 

Hi Netro,

One frustration I have is that manual run times are important to me but cannot be longer than 1 hour (or programs) and cannot be adjusted while running.

I have Netro connected to a solenoid that controls watering of our small vineyard.

I rarely water in any way other than manual, because I need to control the amount of watering and also use fertigation to feed the vines.

Due to the amount of water required, I need between two to three hours of watering. I also like to adjust as I go, depending on how long the fertigation takes, so the ability to increase time without stopping the watering is also important.

My other solution is to disconnect the wire from Netro and use a Shelly 1 instead, whereby I can turn the watering on and off as I desire.

I would rather just use the Netro app, given that everything is already connected.

It is quite limiting to not allow hours as well as minutes (or to allow more than 60 minutes). amd not to be able to increase (or decrease) the time while the manual run is going.

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Spark showing error 1 on all solenoids

Mick Faulks
Updated at 2024-02-01 00:40:26 UTC 
My Spark has stopped watering and is showing error 1 short circuit on every solenoid. I have tested each solenoid individually and they all operate disconnected from the spark. After multiple hard resets it started working correctly for a short time now it is saying all the solenoids are open circuit. I have tested all the solenoids and they are working perfectly.
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Data records

David Lrx
Updated at 2024-02-03 12:14:57 UTC 


Is it possible to upload data from the app so I can keep record on an externat file for more than a month ?

I would like to keep record for a year long. 



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Stop manual mode

Martina Brasesco
Updated at 2024-02-04 15:19:31 UTC 


ho appena installato il mio nuovo NETRO, ma non riesco a stoppare l'irrigazione che è partita automaticamente non appena lo ho installato. Potreste aiutarmi?

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Updated at 2024-02-05 20:31:47 UTC 
Dove trovo le istruzioni perla programmazione Dell app in Italiano? 
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Weather Underground

Gary Harpley
Updated at 2024-02-06 06:06:14 UTC 
Hi. The app wont let me add my wundergound id number (IWAGGA24). Can you please help
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Connecting to Wi-Fi

Linda Lopez
Updated at 2024-02-07 16:08:44 UTC 
I've had Netro for 3 years I changed my wifi and I updated it my app. It worked for a couple of weeks and all of a sudden it stopped working. I can't get it to connect to the wifi. It says offline. I can't even do a manual run. Does anyone have any suggestions? 
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Port 1883 is blocked by the touter

Gary Harpley
Updated at 2024-02-10 05:49:13 UTC 

Hi. Im a new user and everytning seems to be working ss it should but i get the following message when i check the server status

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Sprite vs Spark - Backup and Faulty Valve Detection

Keith Chambers
Updated at 2024-02-11 09:30:43 UTC 
Topic: General

Very happy Sprite user for a year or so - but at this location I have a limitation I need to resolve... and thinking upgrading to Spark - will it resolve the issue ????

So I have installed the Sprite in a rental property - wanting to ensure that the tennents actually look after the garden and look after the place - and one of those things I have done is put in automated sprinklers and drippers to gardens to esnure that the garden gets watered and the grass and plants dont die in the harsh australian climate...

But what I found with a set of tennents is that they did not bother getting or setting up a wifi network. So the sprite had nothing to connect to and hence ran no programs - no connectivity / no watering....

So the Spark has a backup program apparantly.... I assume this means the Spark would have memory and know a schedule of sorts... Of course without connectivity there is no checking on rain schedules etc... Thats fine...  But does it mean if I set up a program to water the lawn for 30 minutes every second day while it had internet connectivity.. If the internet disapears will that mean the program will continue to drive the solonoids at appropriate time and hence carry on watering the garden.

What is the limitation - of cpurse internet features would not be available - is it only manual schedules that would operate - just on time schedules - would it run only for a week or could it run indefinately - or even just a year - until the internet returned...

What is the backup - what is the limitations - how does it work - what are the features !

Similarly how does the faulty valve detection work... Is it just a measure of resistance or what how does this feature work...  If the spark had the capability of measuring water flow (like some controllers do) - then it would be a great feature in measuring the volume of water consumed and of course this would also be an easy way of measuring valve detection... Flow with valve closed = leak somewhere and No flow with valve open = blockage or solonoid issue..... But that is not the feature - so trying to understand functionally and technically what the valve detection is....


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Carmelo Anaya
Updated at 2024-02-12 20:44:48 UTC 
I have 6 zones but only 4 require to switch on the pump. How can I switch the pump individually on each zone?
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Multiple watering a day

Phil Rubin
Updated at 2024-02-17 04:33:52 UTC 
I need to run watering programs 2-3 times in a day, every day. I have "two fra m es" checked but it only will do one.  What do I  need to do?
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Internet off - sprinklers on/off intermittently

Luke Johnson
Updated at 2024-02-17 22:49:05 UTC 

We have an internet outage - Netro knows the smart watering cycle and continues to turn on through the stations at the correct time, however runs intermittently. 5 seconds on, 1 min off. Is there anything I can do to help stay on?

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My sprite system battery

jeffrey fischer
Updated at 2024-02-18 16:39:36 UTC 

My netro app give me a Notification "Device thirst quencher Low Battery"  

I took the device apart and can see, what looks like, a small battery on the circuit board.  Does this need to be replaced?  And if so, where do I purchase a new one?

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Set up with mobile phone hotspot

Updated at 2024-02-20 07:56:42 UTC 

Hi I am going to install a sprite controller at a property before wifi is installed. 

Can I set up programs on the controller using hotspot from my phone? So it can then use the irrigation schedule in offline mode until I can connect to wifi. 


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Clicking off before scheduled time

paul hewitt
Updated at 2023-11-24 01:07:07 UTC 

This morning my retic was coming on the usual schedule but I noticed that it seemed to only be on for a few minutes instead of the set 30 mins.

The system said it was watering but it had turned off. I set a station manually for 10 minutes and after approx 4.5 mins it clicked off at the controller but the app said it was still running. I tried another station and it has the same issue ie it is set to run for 30 mins but clicks off after 4.5 mins but the app says it is still watering. I then waited for the next scheduled station to turn on at 8.50am and it clicked on as usual but after approx 5 mins it clicked off but app said it is still running.

I reinstalled the app and that didn't work so then did a hard reset but I still have the same problem.

I can't figure out why the controller is clicking off but the app says it is still watering.

Any ideas?


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More than one valve at the same time

Updated at 2023-10-25 13:02:52 UTC 
Topic: General
Is it possible to turn on more than one valve at the same time? 

How can I do that?
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