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Not calculating for ecomode?

Melissa N
Updated at 2023-07-20 05:42:48 UTC 

I’ve set all zones to eco mode…but one zone keeps calculating to irrigate for 40-50 mins every 7days which doesn’t sound like ecomode to me. Also it seems to be the reason why our water bill shot up.

How can I fix this?

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Javier NM
Updated at 2023-07-20 07:08:54 UTC 

Looking in the Personalized watering mode of Smart watering, I would ask what is the default water flow rate that Netro app uses to calculate watering. I did some tests and guess that it might be around 38 mm/h. Is that right? Having a domestic flow different could distort the data used by the algorithm and might recommend to use personalized settings instead of the default settings. Thank you.

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Weather station ID association

Mirko Zen
Updated at 2023-07-21 09:35:33 UTC 
Hi, I can't associate my netro with the IROVAT1 weather station, the system issues "please enter a station ID" error. What to do? Thank you
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Controller will not operate valves

Kyle Giacomini
Updated at 2023-07-24 00:54:03 UTC 
I cannot get the controller to turn on any valves. I have a netro spark 16 and I can't get the controller to open any valves. Programs, manual runs or manualy at the controller itself. Please advise. Do I need to reset or reboot something? Or is it a server related error. 
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Pixie app shows checkmark for successful scheduled watering but valve didn't open and no watering took place

Updated at 2023-07-25 03:11:25 UTC 

My Pixie has been intermittent with meeting its watering schedules. I have a reliable wifi router and strong cellular service.

-Some days the app shows checkmark to confirm watering and yet no actual watering took place.

-Other times the app shows the yellow triangle with Exclamation mark and sometimes actual watering took place and other times it didn't water at all.

-On some occasions the actual watering starts a minute late and finishes on time.

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Feature request update

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Updated at 2023-07-25 06:11:19 UTC 
Hi the current app shows the toy water consumption but the starting month is always the current month and what it makes sense is to see you from January to December 
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Netro - Stopped Working and won’t power up

John Loethen
Updated at 2023-07-25 14:04:38 UTC 

Been a Netro customer for a while and pretty handy. I have three different Netro controllers and my oldest one just stopped working and won’t power up… I have verified the power at the outlet and have changed out the power supply with another 24v power supply that I know works. Still the controller will not power up. 

Let me know if anyone else has suggestions. 


John in Lincoln, NE

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Netro Sprite 6 valve won’t stop

Alberto Casu
Updated at 2023-07-29 19:25:45 UTC 

I just replaced my sprinkler controller with a new Netro Sprite 6.

Using both a programmed or a manual start, all valves don’t stop unless I remove power to the Sprite.

During a program, where I planned the zones to run sequentially, the zones activate one after the other without stopping and causing the zones to loose pressure and be unable to complete.

On the FAQ, it says to remove power to stop the zone, which actually stop all the watering, but this it totally unusable to me.

I am using the European version with the provided power supplier. I am based in Italy.

Can you please help?

Thank you!

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Netro phone app won't open

Christopher Scarborough
Updated at 2023-07-30 23:32:37 UTC 
Netro app won't open... It opens then closes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.  Cleared data. App still won't open. I only have access throughout the beta web app
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Allow manual run without needing to enable the system

Tim Quach
Updated at 2023-08-01 08:02:49 UTC 


In Perth Australia, we disable reticulation in winter, sure to winter rains.

In some cases, I've needed manual water parts of the garden sure to warm weather and lack of rain.

In order to do so currently, I need to set the system to enabled,  perform a manual run, and then remember to disable the system again. Sometimes I forget to do the last bit.

Can we allow for manual run without needing to enable the system?

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Manual Run, 1 zone is not stopping

Atif Siddiqui
Updated at 2023-08-02 04:51:58 UTC 

Hi, I installed the Sprite Netro today. Did a manual test. 

All zones worked fine except one of the zones started running but is not stopping. App shows stopped but the water keep going. 

Any ideas? Is it the metro issue or sprinkler valves? I powered off the Netro but still the water keeps on going.

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Using Bootlace ferrules.

Bob Howard
Updated at 2023-08-03 06:36:09 UTC 
I'd like to use bootlace ferrules for all the wiring to the sprite as shown in your installation video (power connection). I'm using 0.5mm² x 7 core cable and 0.5mm² bootlaces and the unit won't grip them. I've tried other sizes with the same result. What size ferrule is required?
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Date format

Bob Howard
Updated at 2023-08-03 23:27:42 UTC 

How do I change the date format from American? In Australia we use the following format: DD/MM/YYYY. Shouldn't the app be set to read the default setting of the phone?

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Offline / online notifications

David H
Updated at 2023-08-04 17:15:09 UTC 

Hi, what causes this and any suggestions to resolve?

I have unplugged it and plugged it back in. Still does it. 

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App show’s pending message

Greg Jones
Updated at 2023-08-07 18:46:13 UTC 
The app always shows a “1” indicating that there is an unread message.  I have opened any and all messages and can’t get rid of it…am I missing something?
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Continued watering if offline?

Drew M
Updated at 2023-08-08 17:48:40 UTC 
My watering hub is offline. I’m away from home. Will it continue to water?
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We had 4 inches of rain

Jay Fahar
Updated at 2023-08-09 03:08:18 UTC 
Netro started watering my lawn this evening despite havng four (4") inches of rain all day today! I thought Netro has the mechanism andthe technology to detect rainfall and stops watering when there is heavy rain!?
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Cambio wifi

Updated at 2023-08-09 15:10:03 UTC 

Hola buenas tardes, he intentado cambiar la red wifi pero siguiendo las instrucciones, la red Netro-xxx no aparece.

Ahora la luz no parpadea y está fija pero fuera de línea.

Espero su ayuda.


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App is not installing

Martin Trevino
Updated at 2023-08-09 16:40:50 UTC 
Your updated 3.2.0 app is hung.  Not installing on my iphone.
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Option to Manually Run a designated Program with Alexa control

Louise Brinkman
Updated at 2023-08-10 05:52:23 UTC 
Have just installed the NetroHome Spark 16 station unit. All working, connected to wifi and Alexa.  Have written a Program called "A" to water zones 2-8 for 6 minutes, however, I do not want it to water according to a set time on any given day but when I choose to manually run the program  via voice through Alexa.  I've disabled smart watering on all my zones.  I've saved the program but Alexa does not support "open NetroHome and run program A" would I manually word it to Alexa to water zones 2 to 8 manually?  Or, how to save a "manual" program that I can run at whim via the app but preferably through Alexa when I choose to run it (without start times etc)...the app clearly allows a manual run but I don't want to run all 16 zones for certain minutes...just zones 2-8 for the same amount of time when I choose without commanding Alexa for individual zones or configuring through the app every single time....I bought the unit for voice control with Alexa, I don't want to fiddle with phone app each time. Please advise how to save a manual program without a regular start time that I can easily use with Alexa (I can write a custom command Alexa routine to run it).  Thank you in advance and looking forward to figuring this out.
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