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One of my Netro device can’t open the valve.

Bowie Xu
Actualizado 2024-05-14 08:55:50 UTC 
Tema: General
I connected 3 zones and they were working fine last month. All of the sudden all 3 zones stop to work when I manually run the zones. I tested the voltage using multimeter. It seems the device has no voltage output at all when I run the zone.( I am assuming the correct reading should be about 24V). I tried to unplug/plug to restart the device without any luck. What should I do next?
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Start external wifi switch

Francesco Merisio
Actualizado 2024-05-02 20:15:01 UTC 
Tema: General

Hym I have a main pump that start with a wifi switch. Can I call an action from Netro App that start the pump?

For example, whenI start the irrigation cycle, can i call a rest URL?

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Firmware updates

Scott Sabo
Actualizado 2024-04-13 13:36:52 UTC 
Tema: General
Hello, my Netro Sprite shows a firmware version of 1.0.0, assuming that is the initial firmware version. How does this get updated? Searched the web but no resources available. Thanks
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Enable button

Steve Llauger
Actualizado 2024-03-14 05:11:07 UTC 
Tema: General
The enable button does not stay on. It keeps reverting back to unable. Does anyone know why?
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Sprite vs Spark - Backup and Faulty Valve Detection

Keith Chambers
Actualizado 2024-02-11 09:30:43 UTC 
Tema: General

Very happy Sprite user for a year or so - but at this location I have a limitation I need to resolve... and thinking upgrading to Spark - will it resolve the issue ????

So I have installed the Sprite in a rental property - wanting to ensure that the tennents actually look after the garden and look after the place - and one of those things I have done is put in automated sprinklers and drippers to gardens to esnure that the garden gets watered and the grass and plants dont die in the harsh australian climate...

But what I found with a set of tennents is that they did not bother getting or setting up a wifi network. So the sprite had nothing to connect to and hence ran no programs - no connectivity / no watering....

So the Spark has a backup program apparantly.... I assume this means the Spark would have memory and know a schedule of sorts... Of course without connectivity there is no checking on rain schedules etc... Thats fine...  But does it mean if I set up a program to water the lawn for 30 minutes every second day while it had internet connectivity.. If the internet disapears will that mean the program will continue to drive the solonoids at appropriate time and hence carry on watering the garden.

What is the limitation - of cpurse internet features would not be available - is it only manual schedules that would operate - just on time schedules - would it run only for a week or could it run indefinately - or even just a year - until the internet returned...

What is the backup - what is the limitations - how does it work - what are the features !

Similarly how does the faulty valve detection work... Is it just a measure of resistance or what how does this feature work...  If the spark had the capability of measuring water flow (like some controllers do) - then it would be a great feature in measuring the volume of water consumed and of course this would also be an easy way of measuring valve detection... Flow with valve closed = leak somewhere and No flow with valve open = blockage or solonoid issue..... But that is not the feature - so trying to understand functionally and technically what the valve detection is....


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Help Finding/Identifying a Replacement Part

Actualizado 2024-01-17 23:54:47 UTC 
Tema: General

I purchased my Pixie in April 2022 and it has been great! Unfortunately this past season then top connector part cracked and is unusable due to the leaks. I believe it is still under warranty, would I be able to receive a new part? Pic of the part is attached. 

If not, would you be able to tell me the specifications of the part so I can order it elsewhere (The inner and outer piece).

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Smart watering

Actualizado 2023-11-09 00:44:11 UTC 
Tema: General
Why is my smart watering system now watering at night when my time is set for early morning?
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Introducing Stream, Netro's Smart Indoor Watering System

Netro Inc
Actualizado 2023-11-07 06:10:16 UTC 
Tema: General

The Next-gen Indoor Watering System

Stream is Netro's first indoor watering product. It is specially designed to perform accurate drip irrigation for your potted plants. Stream is packed with many advanced hardware technologies including low-noise pumps, hall-effect flow sensors and long-range WiFi connection. It fits seamlessly into the Netro Eco-system and works with the Netro app.

Stream is now released for pre-order. Learn more at netrohome.com/en/shop/products/stream

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Can’t Stop it from watering

Greg Jones
Actualizado 2023-11-01 10:42:22 UTC 
Tema: General
I have turned the enabled switch off, skipped the day’s schedule and it has watered the last 3 days.  What am I doing wrong? It has said ‘next run not scheduled’ for 3 days but keeps on watering.
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Time Shift and Sprite-6

Javier NM
Actualizado 2023-10-29 10:26:02 UTC 
Tema: General
Is Netro software affected in any degree by changes in official time (summer to wnter time and viceversa)? Thank you.
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More than one valve at the same time

Actualizado 2023-10-25 13:02:52 UTC 
Tema: General
Is it possible to turn on more than one valve at the same time? 

How can I do that?
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Please issue a good manual.

Mark Menzhausen
Actualizado 2023-08-27 15:04:55 UTC 
Tema: General

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Moisture level

Tungster Tran
Actualizado 2023-07-03 00:49:48 UTC 
Tema: General
Rained hatd in my area but the moisture level is still in the teen, is there a way I can change my zones to 100% moisture? 
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Actualizado 2023-06-28 07:10:08 UTC 
Tema: General

Hi, trying to register my geographical position (in Italy) I don't have the possibility to modify the fields in the photo, remaining in the USA.  For this reason the application time is totally wrong.  How can I fix?

Salve, cercando di registrare la mia posizione geografica ( in italia) non ho la possibilità di modificare i campi in foto, rimanendo USA. Per questo motivo l'orario dell'applicazione è totalmente sbagliato. Come posso risolvere?

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Malfunzionamento durata irrigazione

Actualizado 2023-06-25 21:45:29 UTC 
Tema: General


quando avvio l'irrigazione, sia in manuale che in automatico, la centralina attiva per circa 2 secondi la zona e la pompa e poi si spegne, mentre  dal APP sembra che proceda tutto regolarmente.

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Zone doesn't stay on

Brent S
Actualizado 2023-06-18 02:05:28 UTC 
Tema: General

Hi just installed a sprite 6. I can here zone turn on then immediately turns off but the timer is still running on the app. I can hear the water stop and start in each zone ; the app thinks it's watering but the valve closes. Same for all zones


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Actualizado 2023-06-02 18:10:49 UTC 
Tema: General
My netro sprite is sometimes working or powered off.  I tried to reset it but no joy
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Controller location

Francesco Zorzetto
Actualizado 2023-05-29 13:55:31 UTC 
Tema: General
Hi, during the installation phase of the controller, it was not possible to change the position regarding the geographical state of the machine, a US state remains by default and consequently, I can assume, the start times of the irrigation cycles are carried out with the time zone american time. How can I fix it?
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Unable to delete 6-zone control unit from PC

Luciani Daniele
Actualizado 2023-05-27 09:26:29 UTC 
Tema: General

This morning I had to reset the 6 zone control unit. After the reset everything is fine from the Netro app. Instead, when I log in from a PC with my account, the old setting is detected and it won't let me delete it. The system returns error nvalid group ID 33131: invalid device status.
What to do?

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Problem in Netro app in my iPhone

Manel Barbero
Actualizado 2023-05-18 08:21:17 UTC 
Tema: General
I had installed an irrigation controller and one plant sensor and it worked OK. Since I have added one Pixie-1 and one Pixie-Z1, on the app screen when I try to enter innthe red ring bell to see notifications, I am thrown out the app and I can’t see my notifications.
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