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Whisper doesn’t work only connected USB

Rogier Hoftijzer
Actualizado 2024-05-15 17:16:55 UTC 
Who can help me? I have three Whispers. 2 working properly. 1 who has worked last year only ‘works’ when connected to USB. Loading works fine. Connecting will work. But when placed in the garden it doesn’t work anymore and loses connection and no lights etc. 

What is wrong? WiFi signal is good outside. He is fully loaded? Is the battery broke? He’s only one year old….. one summer season outside. Whole winter stored inside.

Please help me.

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Wifi password reset

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Actualizado 2024-04-29 06:27:43 UTC 

I updated the wifi password in the router. I was able to set up the password in the netro controller but not in the whisperers. I followed the steps provided by the app, pressing 6 times very fast the whisperer button.

But the whisperer wifi did not appear. I tried with 2 of the 5 whisperer I have, but process is not working

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sensor calibration

Des Mullin
Actualizado 2024-04-06 03:36:00 UTC 

Hi I have 2 sensors and both read incorrectly. i put both ends into a bucket of water. 1 reads 50% other reads 75% both should red 100%. is there a way to calibrate them.

Update after 2 hrs both reading almost 100%. Do they self calibrate ?



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Garden Types

Actualizado 2023-12-19 14:05:15 UTC 
Would it be possible to create a category called Market Garden ( I grow leafy greens and herbs using drip irrigation) for those of us who use Netro for this use. 
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Copy setting to new spark device

John Wright
Actualizado 2023-09-17 19:57:29 UTC 
My original netro spark died and I have received a new one.  Is there a way to copy the zone settings from the old to the new
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Using Bootlace ferrules.

Bob Howard
Actualizado 2023-08-03 06:36:09 UTC 
I'd like to use bootlace ferrules for all the wiring to the sprite as shown in your installation video (power connection). I'm using 0.5mm² x 7 core cable and 0.5mm² bootlaces and the unit won't grip them. I've tried other sizes with the same result. What size ferrule is required?
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Pixie-Z1-H - How to install?

Actualizado 2023-06-14 15:54:05 UTC 
  • I have received a new Pixie-Z1 and a hub
  • Downloaded the Netro iOS App from the UK app store
  • In the App I added the hub connecting through Bluetooth and configuring WiFi access for the hub
  • Hub shows constant green light

Now how can I add the Pixie-Z1 hose faucet to my account? The App only shows the option for the Pixie-1, which doesn't work because the Pixie-Z1 uses the Zigbee connection, not WiFi.

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Installation 3 Wisperer and a Pixie in my garden

Actualizado 2023-06-12 12:25:08 UTC 
Good morning,

I have three Wisperers and a Pixie. I can't install my three Wisperers in the same area as my Pixie. I managed to install Wisperer with my Pixie but the other two. How do I install all Wisperer with my Pixie?

If the Pixie is installed in a different area than the Wisperers, does it all work together to optimize my garden watering?


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Pros and cons Spark 8 and Pixie

Adil Ridvan
Actualizado 2023-06-08 04:44:28 UTC 

Just wanted to provide some feedback. I had B-hyve XR Smart Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Timer for 2 years. I noted that it does not water on a schedule sometimes. Either because the internet was down, and it did not reconnect or something else. The contractor who replaced it told me that there is probably an internal battery, and it should have been replaced. Too late.

I Googled the best irrigation timer and found that Orbit B-hyve is the best, followed by Netro. Never heard of it. I chose it because it retains programs in case of Wi-Fi outage. I bought Spark 8 zones and installed it today (my contractor did). Also 2 Pixies.


Clean modern packaging, clear web interface, app has installation instructions and troubleshooting tips.


Why white cover? I could not see indicators with daylight. How to pair? Did some of your staff try to install it in bright daylight outdoors?

Does it have an internal battery which eventually needs to be replaced? How is the memory retained? I believe this was a problem with B-hyve..

What about Pixie? Is rechargeable battery forever?

Web interface still needs improvement: for example – my order is in a different place than my account, Pixie should state that there is no backup program, other logical flaws.

Created a program on Spark, but when tried to edit time it did not allow, stating that the same program already exists.

Backup should automatically copy the program with the option to edit. Why should it be entered as a separate program if this is a backup in case of Wi-Fi outage?

The outdoor cover can have a transparent wall to see indicators.

Thank you.


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Cannot connect

Jerry Gadd
Actualizado 2023-05-23 19:15:35 UTC 


I am not able to successfully connect to my new pixie

1. Pixie lifht flashing white

2. Login to App

3. Add Product

4. Select device

5. Enter name and addess info

6. Begin

7. Connext phone to Netro wifi

8. Next

9. Select homw wifi

10. Enter password

11 next

... Connecting... 

Pixie light flashes white, eventually turns red

App errors

Wifi password is correct, and i am in same room as router aand pixie is next to me. 

How dobi check port is not beinf blocked hy router? I have Huaweu Q2 Pro, dont see anything tonsuggest iit is. 

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Georges Bouvier
Actualizado 2023-05-23 07:32:12 UTC 


Does Netro supply an equipment with 2 output

I need watering 2 different areas?


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valves under relay

Actualizado 2023-04-22 17:48:29 UTC 
good evening, I have 4 valves connected under relay and 3 direct, the 3 direct valves work correctly but on the first 4 I always get an E2 error. is it possible to disable the open valve control?
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Whisper will not factory reset!

Ross Brown
Actualizado 2023-04-13 10:43:03 UTC 
Hi I have had to send back my spark due to a problem with one zone not operating, I’m now trying to do a reset on my whisper, I have pressed the power button quickly 6 times, on numerous occasions and cannot get it to reset, any help would be much appreciated. New Spark arrived and working well, l just can’t seem to reset the Whisper no matter how many times I try the on/off 3 times. Are there any other action I could do or do I return it for a replacement?
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Wiring multiple controllers

John Wright
Actualizado 2023-04-10 19:05:31 UTC 

I have an existing 18 zones irrigation controller which I am replacing. I require 2 controllers. No master valve or pump.

It is possible to connect both commons to the existing common connected to the 18 zones?


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Netro Sprite + Netro Pixie Z1

Actualizado 2023-04-10 09:58:51 UTC 
Is it possible to connect the Netro Pixie Z1 to the wifi and to the App using the Netro Sprite without the need for the Netro Hub?
Thank you
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cannot connect my pixie to mi wifi with unifi Access point

christophe Minery
Actualizado 2023-03-24 18:42:53 UTC 

Someone can help me to connect to my unifi Wifi tm sensor Pixie ?

All goes OK unitl last step.... when it tell me that I connect connect to it


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Set watering days

Mel Culley
Actualizado 2023-02-12 02:31:35 UTC 


I am struggling to set up the watering days

There isn’t an option for 4 / 3 / 4 rostered days which is are allocation here in Perth Australia

Please advise


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Help! Pump Relay Question

Kirk Davis
Actualizado 2022-09-01 13:43:25 UTC 
My unit has been working great . However, the relay no longer trips when a zone is activated. Am I supposed to have 24v A/C between M and C (on the right side of the panel, not the zone side) when a zone is active? I can trip the relay if I pull it from the Netro. Some sort of voltage output map would be helpful. 

I have new grass seed down, so please help soon. 
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Suspect a shorted solenoid

Actualizado 2022-08-25 16:00:32 UTC 

I bought a Netro Spark to replace an existing controller (a Raspberry pi based Open Sprinkler system) which exploded probably due to a shorted solenoid.

I read that the Spark can detect solenoids that are drawing too much current; is it safe to connect the Spark to shorted solenoids without worrying about damage to the controller?

Should I test all the solenoids with an amp meter first just to make sure?

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Upgrading from old rain bird system

Bryan Clarke
Actualizado 2022-08-14 20:18:01 UTC 

Hi - I am trying to determine if the 12 station Netro  spark would be easy for me to install.

I currently have a rather old rain bird system with 16 valves.

I think I understand the mapping of the com and individual values. But I am confused about the 24 vlt and my current rain sensor.

It seems like my 24vlt wires come from a pack/converter that is plugged into an outlet. Is this directly convertible - not sure how I take the orange wires and the devices they are connected to on the left of the picture to the new controller?

As well, would my current hunter rain sensor still work with the new controller, or do I need a different one?

Thanks for your help and advice.

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