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Bug in Smart watering Algorithm

Actualizado 2024-07-16 18:53:40 UTC 

I would like to know how to get a serious bug in the smart watering algorithm resolved.

I live in north Dallas.  All of our soil is clay.  Most yards (like mine) have Bermuda grass, which is extremely drought tolerant.  This grass grows roots several feet deep and can survive with zero watering for 3 weeks after a downpour that saturates the clay.  (I can show you green grass in a yard that is hard as a rock)  During mid July to mid September the average low is 80 and the high is over 100.  Bermuda grass will go dormant(not dead) if not watered during summer.  You can easily keep the yard looking decent with only 10 minutes of watering per week.

I bought my house in 2020 and it came with a Netro.  After a summer of use, my wife and I failed to look at the auto-pay CC card water bills.  We had accidently spent thousands of dollars on yard watering during the summer. (I can show the water bills)!  (FYI, I had each zone set to the max ECO level)  Instead of buying a new timer, I changed smart-zone to basic instead of advanced and setup very detailed schedules.  

My timer got hit by lightning back in May.  I bought a new one and set it up.  I failed to notice that the default value for new zones is "smart zone enabled with advanced setting".  Even though I had set up manual programs the timer found 'loop holes'.  The advanced mode was watering some zones as much as 70 minutes in 1 WEEK!  (compared to previous 10 min a week).  My water bill went from $160 to $400 ( at least I caught it before it got to $800 again).  

This bug has literally cost me thousands of dollars with a feature that is supposed to be saving me money.  I am not asking for compensation, it was my mistake that that I failed to look at the schedule and CC auto-pay.  

But this bug is ridiculous.  

How do we get the following implemented:

1) Global setting for water conservation (impacts all zones) that limits the max per week and max per month that a zone can be watered 

2) Budgets inside manual programs that will set limits for max per week and max per month.

3) expand frequency for programs to be across 14 days instead of 7 days

4) notifications from app that informs owner of minutes watered per week and per month.



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2 zones must run the same amount of time

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Actualizado 2024-07-06 15:35:53 UTC 

Hi there 

I have the garden zones like the diagram. And I want zone 4 a 3 run the same amount of time. Currently they use different whisperers and have different schedules what makes the grass to present in summer dry patches. I would like to force to run 3 and 4 the same amount of time.

Should I use only one whisperer attached to both zones (3 and 4)? 

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Netro sprite-6 with power adapter 600 ma?

Nuno Fs
Actualizado 2024-06-28 12:33:25 UTC 


Just bought a Netro sprite-6 and a power adapter 600 ma but the sprinklers go up but not down, why? Could it be the amperage?

I exchange the power adapter for a 800 mA and i still have the same problem. 

If i do a manual irrigation and turn  it off in the middle it doesnt turn off,but if i tried once more to turn it on it turns it off....


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programs overlaping (smart scheduler and watering adjustment)

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Actualizado 2024-06-25 10:19:26 UTC 

The smart schedule overlaps with the watering adjustment program that runs when the moisture goes below a %.

Yo can see here that zone 5 run 10 minutes the program and then 37 minutes the scheduler.  It has no sense and it is a waste of water.

  1. After the watering adjustment run, the smart scheduler should recalibrate the timing based on the humidity of the land.
  2. I have the whisperers, the whisperer should monitor the humidity and stop the smart watering once it reaches 99% of humidity but it seems the program runs all the way.

This could be improved in the application.

Thanks for your support and keep up the good job

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Need a notification, other than in calendar, when watering doesn't work.

Jake Tanner
Actualizado 2024-06-16 22:53:34 UTC 

Apparently there are times when the wifi connection to one of our Pixie devices is not reliable.  Yes, I should work on that.  However, it has worked flawlessly in the past, and this is something new.  Nonetheless, when the water schedule fails because of no wifi signal, there should be some kind of notifcation OTHER than having to open the app, go to the calendar, and look for the tiny red icon.  The app is right there on the phone, and could generate a notification.  The app has the email address and could generate a notification.  The current method is borderline dysfunctional, and mostly useless.

The main screen can say "Watered 10 hours ago"  .. but the calendar OBVIOUSLY shows that that even did not happen.


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Rain skip only

Shawn C
Actualizado 2024-06-02 21:09:04 UTC 

How do I setup the Netro to only check for rain and skip the rainy days ?  I don’t want it to enable smart watering and change my watering schedule but I would like it to detect and skip rainy days.  Thanks!

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Javier NM
Actualizado 2024-05-12 06:32:07 UTC 
Is there an article explaining the different watering modes of smart watering, more that the one line info on the menu? I am looking at information like levels of humidity pursued, depth of watering, or circumstances under which each mode is recommended.  Thank you
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Wafering even when raining

Fabio Silvestri
Actualizado 2024-05-07 19:59:22 UTC 

I don't understand the logic behind watering after training. Yesterday and today we had heavy Rain, but the Smart schedule plans to start in 9 hours. In the app I also set to stop watering the day before and after Rain, but that seems to have no effect. Temperatures are low as well, i wouldn't expect watering to start before at least 10 days.

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Whisperer 2 problems

Actualizado 2024-04-17 20:54:19 UTC 

As you can see the humidity sensor give some strange readings... 

How can change those values in such way without touching the sensor or watering. I'm scared of the reliability of such things... 

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Skip watering did not work

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Actualizado 2024-04-17 12:50:29 UTC 

I have the whisperer to avoid watering over 40% humidity, but the system did not skip it

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Water time

Actualizado 2024-04-17 04:36:26 UTC 
How can I get this to water a certain time.  Like my gardens at 6am?
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Waters too much

Actualizado 2024-04-17 04:34:42 UTC 
I inputted my own program. I want it to water the durations I entered.  It doesn't.  How can I turn the so called smart feature off?
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Zone 1 watering everyday

Actualizado 2024-04-13 05:55:10 UTC 


I have 9 zones configured, all the same. Zone 1 water everyday while the rest no. How can I fix it? It does not need water everyday 

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pixie - water inside box and battery housing

Actualizado 2024-03-02 09:46:44 UTC 

Pixie stopped to connect. Removed battery and found water inside battery housing. All contacts except one of battery are very rusty.

Trying to clean. Water also inside battery / battery box

Is it safe to dry and charge?

How to prevent water from entering the box?

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Wifi icon

Carmelo Anaya
Actualizado 2024-02-27 10:19:11 UTC 
What does this WiFi icon mean?
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Internet off - sprinklers on/off intermittently

Luke Johnson
Actualizado 2024-02-17 22:49:05 UTC 

We have an internet outage - Netro knows the smart watering cycle and continues to turn on through the stations at the correct time, however runs intermittently. 5 seconds on, 1 min off. Is there anything I can do to help stay on?

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Stop manual mode

Martina Brasesco
Actualizado 2024-02-04 15:19:31 UTC 


ho appena installato il mio nuovo NETRO, ma non riesco a stoppare l'irrigazione che è partita automaticamente non appena lo ho installato. Potreste aiutarmi?

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Moisture watering adjustment

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Actualizado 2024-01-09 20:27:04 UTC 

Hi there I have one of the whisperer that doesn't allow to adjust watering below 50%, 

Sensor number 2 in my installation. 

All the rest I can chose lower values

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Netro does not use the rainfall amount from connected weatherstations

Actualizado 2024-01-07 22:48:08 UTC 

UPDATE 8/1/2024

I can confirm that the system is working well. The system forecast about 25mm of rain for yesterday , but we had 34mm based on Weatherflow. This morning, the system had corrected the amount in Netro. Well done to the dev team for rolling out a fix so quickly, once the problem was identified.

I can now say that Netro is a smart watering system!

UPDATE: 5/1/2024

Netro have been fantastic. They have updated their system already to make Weatherflow work as you would expect. However, I am yet to see the results of this.

Rain is anticipated tomorrow (7/1/2024) and the following day.

I will monitor the system to ensure that the correct rainfall amount is in the database early enough for the schedule to be adjusted by their algorithms.

UPDATE: 4/1/2024

I have been working with the Netro techs to isolate the problem.

The issue is that yesterday's rainfall is not being calculated using the local time zone. Instead, it is using UTC midnight to midnight and an offset of 1 day. This means that the data can be 1.5 days out for someone like me who is GMT+11.

There may also be an issue with the timing of when then the rainfall for yesterday is retrieved. The Weatherflow API needs to be called just after nidnight so that the Netro scheduling can adjust, ready for early morning watering.


I thought I would write an article to explain why Netro is not a smart weatherstation.

I have two Netros and 7 Whisperers, and use them in all aspects of watering - to water lawn, vineyard, fruit trees, vegetables and even to fill our bird baths.

But the most frustrating aspect of Netro is that is does not use the correct amount of rainfall, even when connected to a smart weatherstation such as Weatherflow Tempest or WU (I have my Tempest send data to WU).

Why is this a problem? Because the rainfall estimate provided by the forecasting models do not predict how much rain your specific area will receive. They provide two numbers: a percentage chance of receiving rain, and a minimal amount of rain that you will receive, if your receive rain at all. What does this mean?

If the prediction is that you are 60% likely to receive rain of 10mm, this does not mean that you will receive approximately 6mm of rain. It means that you are 60% likely to receive rain and 40% likely to receive no rain at all. If you receive rain, you are then likely to receive a minimum of 10mm.

Netro mistakenly combines these values to tell the system that you received 6mm of rain. And then might not water. This can lead to plants dying, as was our case, when rainfall was predicted every day for a week and we did not receive a drop. Other areas around us received varying amounts of rain.

The frustration is that Netro has a connection to both Weatherflow and to personal weatherstations via Weather Underground, and therefore has no excuse as to not use the correct value of rainfall.

Their solution is to use the Discover feature to correct yesterday's (and today's) rainfall manually. I would recommend 100% to use this feature.


Unfortunately, Netro still applies a percentage to the corrected number which means that the amount of rainfall collected is still less than the actual amount received.

I have solved this problem by automating this process via Home Assistant, which knows yesterday's rainfall from my Weatherflow Tempest and sends the value to Netro via their API. This has resulted in a much more intelligent watering regime.

So, to Netro and their techs, well done on a great system, but it won't be truly great until you implement the most important aspect of any smart watering station - the ability to know how much rainfall fell on a client's land, and therefore how much to water.

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PM time

Actualizado 2023-12-31 19:38:05 UTC 

Hello, need help.

I cannot enter PM times on program.

Always return to AM. Not possible program at night. 

Thank you. 

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