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Kyle Giacomini

Lives in: Madera, CA, US
Using: SPARK-16
Growing: Perennial Ryegrass, Bermuda


Smart schedule failed/ watering outside perameters

Netro Support
Updated at 2019-07-02 02:29:24 UTC

Hi Kyle.

Currently we only have notification for users about device is offline but you need to enable Netro App notification in your smart phone settings.

Netro always keep one month schedule on local and can keep water your yard up to one month without wifi. 

We just checked your account and we found you preferred watering time is 12 am ~ 5am. Netro keeps watering outside your preferred watering time because Netro thinks the smart watering is not enough. To strictly restrict watering to a certain period, please go to Settings->Restrictions to add a restriction.

Netro Support

Controller consistently goes offline

Netro Inc
Updated at 2019-07-14 04:49:32 UTC

Dear Kyle,

Was there a power outage before the disconnection? There is a known bug in the current firmware that after a power outage, if the router boots up too slowly, the controller cannot be manually controlled and the app shows offline(regular program and smart schedules will still run). This will be fixed in the next firmware release in a few weeks.

If the disconnection is unrelated to power outage, please write to us at and our technical support will follow up with solutions.


Netro Inc

Limit irrigation duration of a specific zone, water run off issues

Kyle Giacomini
Updated at 2022-07-28 12:47:02 UTC
Thank you for your response. Does the slope setting affect how smart watering calculates the water strategy for the zone? If not I would think this would be a great idea considering my scenario. Steep slopes would require a different logic compared to flat slopes to prevent water runnoff.

Controller will not operate valves

Wency Pan
Updated at 2023-07-25 03:05:47 UTC

Dear customer,

Is the problem still there? This problem may be caused by insufficient hardware memory. We can help you upgrade your device to the latest version to solve this problem. Could you please send us an email to with your Netro account registered email and we can help do the upgrade?

If you have any further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Netro Support