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Updated at 2018-10-13 06:03:30 UTC

Hi Douglas, the "new plant" method tries to keep the moisture level very high (above 85%), but doesn't ensure watering every day. Neto does not water that frequent as expected due to weather, soil types, etc.

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Joshua Berk
2018-10-13 17:47:17 UTC  
Maybe a nice new feature would be to have a 'new grass' mode that keeps it wet (ensures every day)

j w
2019-02-27 06:42:34 UTC  
I agree in Arizona I feel like we should set up a program for new seeding when we add winter Rye as it requires a lot of water the first couple weeks while it germinates three times a day 10 to 15 minutes a day and then once it starts sprouting after the third week go back to smart watering

Jonathan Price
2019-05-09 14:57:10 UTC  
When I set the Smart Zone mode to "New Plant" it estimates that it will water "Every 0.31 Days" and will "Water For 8.74 Minutes". But I also find it is only watering ever few days. Why doesn't it follow through with its estimation?
Netro Support
2019-05-10 09:21:50 UTC  
Hi Jonathan, T
he actual watering duration might change due to weather and season conditions, for example, the humidity. If the new plant mode does not meet your expectation, you can set the "customized "mode to personalize your watering duration.

Netro Support

Rich Christenson
2019-09-21 14:47:04 UTC  
I agree with others, new grass and overseesing seems to be a big error in the scheduling. Further, when I try to manually make a schedule, it conflicts with another schedule I created, even though I turned that schedule off.

Douglas Ely
2022-05-01 15:03:07 UTC  
Im still waiting to see how to tell the algorithm to "increase watering schedule by XX%" The algorithm doesnt seem to be very accurate sometimes and requires too much manipulation. A simple "increase" or "decrease" function would solve this I think.

Douglas Ely
2022-05-01 15:06:19 UTC  
For new seeding, the surface moisture is the most important parameter. Soil moisture is usually unavailable to new seed and needs to be corrected for.