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Updated at 2020-06-29 01:49:44 UTC

Dear Rob,

Netro's algorithm is based on expert gardening knowledge, one of which is to avoid watering equally everyday and instead to water less frequently but deeply. Netro waters your garden only when the soil is dry enough in order to draw more oxygen into the roots, leading to a lusher landscape. Netro watered your zone based on moisture level. By default, we allow the moisture level to deplete to a low level (recommended by EPA) before next watering. If the frequent mode does not meet your needs, we recommend you try the customized mode to set the soil moisture threshold. For example, you can set low as 90%, high as 100%, flow rate 0.5 and in this mode the estimated frequency is every 1 day.

You can still use the rain delay feature if you set your own programs.  You can set up the Smart Zone level from Advanced to Basic( Settings->Zones->Smart Zone), which only skip rainning days for your programmed schedule. 

For more information about Netro smart watering,  here is an article about Netro three watering modes which might be helpful.

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Val Smith
2022-06-30 00:20:48 UTC  
How about an article showing how to disable Netro Smart Watering, set a schedule, but hav it auto disable on rainy days?