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Updated at 2024-06-17 19:59:17 UTC
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I noticed that Weather Flow PWS was added as a weather provider for Netro and successfully linked my Weather Flow Tempest with my Netro Pixie Z1+Hub+Whisperers.  However I have a few questions:

1) There seems to be no way to remove or change the link to Weatherflow, like selecting another station.  Can you add a way to do that?  

2) Since linking to Netro, I have changed the name of my Tempest Device on their platform from the default serial number to a descriptive name, but Netro still shows the old name for the device when I click on it in the Weather Provider menu, is that a problem, or are they still linked?  (and if it is a problem, how can I update the link?)

3) What data is actually pulled from Weatherflow?  The forecast shown in the Netro app does not line up exactly with what my tempest shows, nor do the rainfall totals on the discover tab.  

4) I have also linked my Tempest with Weather Underground and can use them as a Weather Provider instead.  The Netro app says Weatheflow PWS shares 9 days of forecast and 1 day of history, while Wunderground PWS shares 7 days of forecast and 7 days of history.  I prefer not relying on an additional middleman to link my tempest to Netro, but is it better to have the additional history or additional forecast?

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Updated at 2024-06-18 08:55:38 UTC

Dear customer,

1) If you want to remove WeatherFlow and switch to another weather provider, you can do so by selecting a different provider from the list, saving the changes, and then selecting Tempest as the provider.

2) This does not have any impact; we use Tempest's station_id and device_id. However, if you are worried, you can follow method 1 to delete and then add it again. After doing this, you should see a change in the device name; reselect it, and it will work.

3) Considering the current situation, we have applied a coefficient to adjust for the decrease in rainfall. Therefore, the numbers you see have been slightly modified.

4) The ability to select historical weather serves two purposes. Firstly, it allows for verifying the accuracy of the forecast for the current day. Secondly, it ensures that the forecasted data remains consistent with the stored data in case of device disconnection. Without an internet connection, historical data is retained and updated every morning. Having more accurate and abundant forecast data can greatly impact watering decisions.

Considering that you have the Tempest device, choosing the Tempest device is a good option. Initially, the first version of their API supported historical data with an offset_day of 1. However, as their API improves and stabilizes, supporting start_time and end_time parameters for historical data may become possible.


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