Custom sprinkler flow rate

Updated at 2023-06-01 14:42:27 UTC
Topic: Smart Watering


I have sprinklers with 6l/min specification. in the custom sprinkler settings there is a drop down list with flow ratea 10-100 mm/h.

If I make a calculation 6l/min x 60 min = 360 l/h = 360 mm/h? And that's only for single sprinkler. If I add up all the sprinklers in the zone it's even more. Is flow rate unit not specified correctly or am I doing something wrong?

It would be great if there was flow rate specified when selecting sprinkler type for zones .


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Wency Pan
Updated at 2023-05-31 08:48:32 UTC

Dear customer,

The default flow rate specification of Netro is measured in mm/h, while your sprinklers are specified in l/min. These are two different units of measurement and cannot be directly compared. To convert from l/min to mm/h, you would need to know the area covered by each sprinkler and the number of the heads.
The calculation of the flow rate requires the acreage of the irrigation area, here's the calculation formula to help better understand :
  1. Count the number of sprinkler head n, if all heads (typicall yes) have the same Liters per minute, calculate V = L/min * 60 mins * n, which is the total volume of water provided by all heads in an hour.
  2. Measure or estimate your zone area A in the unit of m^2. 3. The flow rate PR= 1000V/A, which is the average depth of water your zone gets in an hour.

We understand that it would be useful to have the flow rate specified when selecting sprinkler types for zones. We appreciate your feedback on this matter and will take it into consideration for future updates.



Netro Support