Sensor issues

Mark Menzhausen
Updated at 2023-08-29 08:04:24 UTC
Topic: Troubleshooting

Hello, since the email I sent was never answered I now send a message through the app and will post here to in the hope to get a response. I installed 1 sensor but nothing seems to work. The sensor is listed as a device in my app but it does not show up on the home screen as the irrigation zones do.

In the app the sensor states 0% battery even though I charged it manually before installing and the units gets over 6 hours of sunlight a day. Following the instructions in the app I pressed the on button in the hope it sends data manually and the unit first lights up blue followed by blinking white. 

Overall I am quite disappointed with the controller. The smart watering is completely out of sink with reality as it waters 3 times the amount of water needed. It never takes the rain into account. 

The sensor does not work at all

The instructions for the system are as good as none

Could you have done any better. I don’t understand the positive reviews on Amazon. Are they real?

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