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Introducing Spark

Spark is Netro's new smart watering controller with improvements over the highly rated Sprite in every aspect. It comes with a unique folding design, physical user interface, faster WiFi communication and massive 16-zone capacity. It is enhanced for better local control while retaining all the remote capabilities and smart features.

Touch Control

Now you can start or stop watering through the convenient touch buttons when you are away from your phone or when WiFi is unavailable. Just select the zones, set the minutes and start watering.

LED Display

The backlighting LED matrix shows the active zone and the watering duration. A dedicated colorful LED indicates the connection status and network activities.

Valve Diagnosis (Beta)

Onboard current and voltage evaluation circuit detects faulty solenoids realtime and automatically analyzes the possible causes of the failure.

Backup Program

When WiFi connection is unavailable or having an issue, the backup program stored locally will take over and keep the plants watered

Even Smarter

EPA WaterSense certified. Alexa and Google Home compatible. IFTTT connected. AccuWeather and Wunderground PWS integrated. Spark is born for the IoT world.

Mechanical Specifications – Dimensions: 5.7 X 5.7 X 1.6 (inches) – Weight: 12.7 oz / 360 g – Output: 8 zones + 1 master valve – Wire size: 18 AWG to 22 AWG – Operating temperature: -4 to 122℉ / -20 to 50℃ – Box contains: smart irrigation controller, AC adapter, wall screws, quick installation guide Electrical Specifications – AC Input: 24VAC, 50/60Hz, 800mA – Valve output: 24VAC, 50 / 60Hz, max 10VA – Master valve: 24VAC, 50 / 60HZ, max 10VA – WiFi: 802.11 N, 2.4Ghz, EU Warranty – 2-year limited hardware warranty


The Netro controller is designed for indoor use only. For outdoor use, you will need to buy the Netro outdoor enclosure to cover both the controller and the power adaptor.
Not for most cases. The Netro controller works with your existing 24V AC sprinkler system (the pumps, valves, pipes and nozzles). You just need to replace or install the controller. If you have 9V DC valves, then you will need to change them to 24V AC valves.
The Netro app is capable of managing multiple controllers. You can link two controllers together. You will need to have at least two “common” wires so that each controller gets one. If there is only one “common” wire, it needs to be connected to both controllers by using a wire splitter. It is recommended to only use one power adapter for both controllers. Here is an article to show the connections:
You just need to add each device in the Netro app, and once they are all setup, there will be a dropdown menu on the home page where you can navigate between the controllers.

Wi-Fi Connection

The Netro controller will re-connect to the Wi-Fi automatically after a power outage. Also, all the zone settings and watering schedules are saved on the cloud server, so you won’t lose anything.
Yes, as long as your phone/tablet has access to the internet, you can control and monitor your Netro controller.

Cloud Services

No, it’s free to use the Netro cloud service unless you purchase the subscription version.
All the settings and watering schedules are saved on the cloud server. The device does have an internal battery but that is only for resuming the system clock.

Watering Schedules

Yes. There are three ways to create a schedule: 1) Enable smart zone for automatic schedules (weather based) 2) Add user programs for fixed schedule (cycle based), for example, once every 5 days or every Tuesday and Friday 3) Manually turn on and off the sprinkler using the remote control feature
Netro tries to water in the early morning when evaporation is minimal and water pressure is higher. Netro minimizes watering in the middle of a day because the sun will evaporate water before it can soak into the soil. Netro also safeguards your plants and your sprinkler system. Watering will automatically be disabled when temperatures are very high to protect your plants and eliminates night watering, frequently the cause of soggy lawns which attract disease. The winterization feature disables watering during cold temperatures entirely.
No. Currently Netro can only run one zone at a time. This limitation is due to the fact that the power adapter can provide 800mA max current which is only enough for running one valve (when master valve is used).

Weather Data

User can select from multiple weather providers. Currently we support Dark Sky, OpenWeatherMap and AccuWeather.
Netro’s weather data is based on your address. We obtain weather data from world’s leading provider which monitors the weather conditions for any place specified by the exact latitude and longitude. The service provider collects raw data from many sources, including all major weather stations nearby, and uses professional models to predict weather for your address. Typically, the weather data used by Netro is more accurate than the data from just one single weather station.

Watering Regulations

Netro collects water regulations from governments and water companies, and automatically applies those regulations for you based on your address, e.g. zipcode, city.
Our database may not be able to cover all areas and all rules. You are welcome to report missing regulations to our systems and we will manually apply them to your account and also the users in your neighborhood. You can always add your own restrictions in settings->restrictions.


The Netro controller is not designed to support the traditional rain sensors because those rain sensors do not forecast rainfalls. For example, you usually do not need to water your lawn if the rain is coming tomorrow but your rain sensors will not tell you that. Netro uses more advanced technology including real-time weather information that is aware of the rainfall in the past and also in the future. For even more accurate watering schedules, Netro offers wireless moisture sensors which measures exactly how much water your plants need. We believe these innovations built with Netro are changing the way of home irrigation.
The Netro controller works without the Whisperer sensors. It uses the weather information and advanced watering algorithms to automate the irrigation. However, with the Whisperer sensors, the controller understands the soil better and the watering will be more accurate.

Overall rating: 5/5
2023-07-11 13:44:45 UTC
Fully satisfied ! May be the weather forecast could be better

Overall rating: 5/5
2021-04-27 13:21:49 UTC
Can't think of a better smart watering controller ! works flawlessly , setup is a breeze, stats provided are great, the community is amazing, works in Greece too. Can't rate highly enough!

Overall rating: 5/5
2021-04-01 11:15:17 UTC
I request the cancellation of the order, according to the revived mail. in which I have been given a discount code indicating that I cancel and request again. Thanks a lot. You can confirm the process for me. Nicholas.