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An automated drip irrigation system designed for the lushness of your potted plants
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The Next-gen Indoor Watering System
Stream is Netro's first indoor watering product. It is specially designed to perform accurate drip irrigation for your potted plants. Stream is packed with many advanced hardware technologies including low-noise pumps, hall-effect flow sensors and long-range WiFi connection. It fits seamlessly into the Netro Eco-system and works with the Netro app.
Netro Stream can highly automated and remote control.
Easy Scheduling
You can create any number of time-based or volume-based watering programs from the Netro mobile app. All settings and watering schedules are stored in the Netro cloud server for easy access.
Remote Control
Stream connects to the Netro cloud service through the Wi-Fi network. You can turn on or off the water instantly from the Netro mobile app, regardless of whether you are home or traveling.
Netro Stream provides two-zone setup and flow monitoring.
Two-zone Setup
Stream has two water outlets in order to meet the irrigation needs of different plants. By using three-way or four-way connectors, multiple potted plants can be irrigated from each outlet.
Flow Monitoring
This smart indoor irrigator has a built-in flow monitor to keep track of the amount of water used for each zone. In case of water shortage, your mobile phone can receive a push notification.
Battery Mode Stream is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery with high capacity, and it can work anywhere in your house for weeks (low-power mode enabled) on a single charge.
Lifetime Cloud Service
Accessible from the Netro App or the web-based Interface.
- Watering schedules/histories and volumes
- Manual watering from the app or the device
- Push notifications in case of exceptions
Design for intelligence and simplicity
Netro Stream's indicator light.
Netro Stream's side buttons and interface.
Netro Stream provides holder.
Works with leading smart home ecosystems
Netro Stream works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and most leading smart home ecosystems.
  • works with Amazon Alexa.

    Amazon Alexa

  • works with Google Home.

    Google Home

  • works with Google Assistant.

    Google Assistant

  • works with IFTTT.

    If This Then That

Dimensions: 4.1 X 4.1 X 2.2 inches
Weight: 11.6 oz / 330 g
Tubing size: 4 mm (Inner diameter)
Operating temperature range: 32 to 122℉ / 0 to 50℃
Box contains: Irrigation pump, holder, power adapter and cable, tubing, connectors, drip emitters, filter, plastic plugs, instructions
Stream box contains
Battery: 3.7V 1800mA
USB charging current: 600mA
WiFi: 802.11 N, 2.4Ghz
2-year limited hardware warranty