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Confused about schedule

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Updated at 2020-08-05 01:51:22 UTC

Hi Bowie,

Your zones are watered multiple times a day, you probably selected clay, clay loam or loam as the soil type which accepts water slowly, often as little as 1/4 inch per hour and that is why we break the watering into many pieces to avoid water runoff. 

For your zone 4, the watering duration is about one hour because you selected shrubs as your plant type. Shrubs require deeper watering with less frequency because they have longer roots and can absorb moisture from deeper soil, while annual flowers and grass needs to be watered more frequently. 

We just noticed you have disabled the smart zone feature so the rain delay feature will also be disabled. If you still want to use smart watering and water zone 4 more frequently, you can set it via settings -> zones -> SmartZone -> Mode -> Frequent. 

 If you still need the rain delay feature and do not want smart zone schedule to override your own programmed schedule, you can set up the Smart Zone level from Advanced to Basic, which only skip rainning days for your programmed schedule.(Settings->Zones->Smart Zone)

For more information about Netro smart watering,  here is an article about Netro three watering modes which might be helpful. https://netrohome.com/forum/posts/111


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What does this mean?

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Updated at 2020-08-17 03:03:12 UTC

Dear Bowie,

When Sprite finishes running a watering schedule, it will send a confirmation to the cloud server. In this way, the could server knows whether the schedules are correctly executed or not.

The exclamation mark means the cloud server did not receive the confirmation from the device. There are two possible causes:

1. the device is not powered up when it was supposed to be powered up to run that schedule. Therefore, the corresponding zone is not watered (what is why we use the exclamation to alert users)

2. the schedule run fine but it was during a temporary network outage or exception so that the confirmation cannot be delivered to the server. Wireless connection can be unstable for a short peroid time so it is not uncommon to have a glitch in the communication.

It could just be a temporary network issues. But if that happens a lot please check the WiFi signal strength. If you use a WiFi extender, please make sure it is connected to the main router stably.

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How to make Netro sensor repair

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Updated at 2020-12-07 07:24:34 UTC

Dear Bowie,

Please press the button to turn on the sensor and check the LED light.

1. If the LED light flashes in red and then turns off quickly, the battery needs to be charged.
2. If the LED lights stays on for about 30 seconds and then becomes red, the sensor is unable to connect to the WiFi. Please try to move the sensor closer to the WiFi router.
3. If you changed your WiFi name/password or the above steps do not fix the issue, you will need to reset the WiFi connection for the sensor. Please go the Netro app -> Settings -> Sensors -> Select the sensor -> Change WiFi network/password.

Here is the instruction to restart 3 times (press the power button for 6 times)

1. Press the power button once to turn on the sensor. If the sensor is already on, turn it off first by pressing the power button once.

2. Turn the sensor off quickly (in 1.5 seconds) before the LED light changes its color from white 
3. Press the button to turn on the sensor. Turn the sensor off quickly (in 1.5 seconds) before the LED light changes its color from yellow 
4. Press the button again to turn on the sensor. The LED should start to blink in white color.

Here is a demo video:


Please let us know if it helps.


Netro Support