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Updated at 2022-05-18 10:11:40 UTC
Topic: Troubleshooting

My pixie sprinkler keels since 24h on status sleeping even if it should go on line twice a day, usually did until yesterday, it does not water nor using programs nor manually. I am far from my home what can I do?

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Wency Pan
2022-05-19 02:18:49 UTC  
Hi Fabrice,

We can see that when you do the manual run, the watering status is in communicating status, not go in to watering.

Could you please try the power button to turn the device to water?

Please power on the unit (press the power button for 3 seconds), LED in green. Then quick press the power button twice, the LED turn to blue, see if you can turn the unit to water.

Please let us know the result.

Also, when your smart phone connect to the same network with the unit at home, please try the server response time. Please go Netro app, go settings->about->check server status. Let us know the result also.

Netro Support