Instructions about Replacing Orbit System

Netro Support
Updated at 2019-03-20 08:07:49 UTC 

Replacing Orbit system

This page lists some instructions about replacing the common types of Orbit system with Netro smart watering controller. 

Example 1:

 Replacing Orbit model with Netro (model 57114-WT2X 4 stations)

You have 2 common wires and you can insert them into the 2 C slots in the Sprite controller.

You have 4 zones and you can use the 1-4 slots in Sprite to connect the 4 zone wires.

The last step is to hook up the 2 power wires using the Netro power adapter.

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Instructions about Replacing Toro System

Netro Support
Updated at 2019-03-20 08:07:29 UTC 

Replacing Toro system

This page lists some instructions about replacing the common types of Toro system with Netro smart watering controller. 

Example 1:

Toro model gk212-04

1. Connect the 2 white wires to the C slots, one on the left and the other on the right which is now occupied by a red one.

2. Move the red wire(currently on C slot) to M slot because it is for your master valve.

3. The last step is to connect the power then you should be good to go. 

Example 2:

Toro IC 8. 

The first slot of your current controller is master valve which should be connected  to "M" slot of Netro. The two wires in the second slot are common wires should be connected to the 'C' slot of Netro. The last step is to connect the power then you should be good to go. 

Example 3:

Toro Model 53765 6 zones

The red and white wires are the commons wires and should go to the two "C" slots in Netro Sprite controller. You do not need to connect the gray and black wires as they are the power wires for the old controller. 

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Instructions about Replacing Rainbird System

Netro Support
Updated at 2019-03-20 08:06:44 UTC 

Replacing Rainbird system

This page lists some instructions about replacing the common types of Rainbird system with Netro smart watering controller. 

Example 1:

 The common wires which should be connected to the C slots in Netro.

The Sprite controller does not need the ground wires. It does not need the rain sensor either. You can leave the M slot unconnected. 

Example 2:

The COM wire goes to any C slot in Sprite.

The M slot will be empty because you do not have master valve.

The two red wires on the left go to the two 24 VAC slots.

Others are straightforward.

Example 3:

1. the COM wire in RainBird go to any of the C slots in Netro

2. The 1-6 zone wires in RainBird go to Slot 1-6 in Netro

3. Use the power adapter coming with the package for Netro

Other wires you can disregard them.

Example 4:

12(blue) and 11(red) go to the two AC slots on the right side for Netro. 10(white) goes to any one of the C slot in Netro. 9(black) goes to the M slot in Netro. 8-1(red) go the ZONES in Netro. You can leave the green wire (GND) open. The two leads from the power adaptor go to the two AC slots.

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Instructions about Replacing Old Controller

Netro Support
Updated at 2019-03-20 08:03:05 UTC 

Replacing old system

This page lists some instructions about replacing old controllers with Netro smart watering controller. 

Example 1:

I check the pictures.

Here is how you connect to your sprite:

OLD                 Sprite

24VAC             24VAC (order does not matter)

COM                any C slot

1                     1

2                     2

3                     3

4                     4

You probably do not need to connect other wires.

Example 2:

You do not have a master valve so you just leave the M slot open.

The sensor wires are not needed either in the Sprite because it gets the weather data from WiFi network.

Example 3:

If you are using the Netro power adapter, the two thick beige wires should not be used because they are the 24 VAC power wires from your old power adapter.

However, you probably can use these two beige wires on Sprite. Just hookup them on the 2 24V AC slots in Sprite on the right side. I would suggest using a voltage meter to check the voltage on them though if you go this way.

Example 4:

1. The VC wire goes to any one of the C slots in Sprite

2. The 1-8 wires go to 1-8 slots in Sprite which is straightforward

3. Use the Netro power adaptor to connect the 24VAC in Sprite

Other wires are not needed.

Example 5:

The 8 zone wires will go to the 1-8 slots in Sprite.

The C wire will go to any of the C slots in Sprite.

You can leave the M slot in Sprite on unconnected.

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Notice To Users of Weather Underground

Netro Inc
Updated at 2019-03-19 04:52:48 UTC 

Notice of obsoleting Weather Underground

Netro has changed the weather source Weather Underground to Dark Sky from the server side for users of Weather Underground. The reason is Weather Underground stopped its API service without any notice. The whole community is looking for solutions. So we have internally disabled the Weather Underground option and used the data from Dark Sky.

We will support AccuWeather and openWeatherMap in the next release of the app. We expect to launch it early next month.

We are sorry about the inconvenience. Please contact us if you have any questions.



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Overriding smart waterinh

Updated at 2019-03-17 20:46:27 UTC 
I own a very small lot and would be interested only in setting up my own programs. How can I override the system's smart watering schedule? I installed a new Netro Sprite today and right off the bat it shows a lot of watering on the first day. Thank you.
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Whisperer records only up to 10% even in pouring rain

Scot and Michelle Cowan
Updated at 2019-03-03 17:04:51 UTC 
Have two Whiperer sensors in container pots setting up for bare root treesin large fabric bag containers. Sensors have detected a moisture level of only up to 16%. This morning after and during a one inch rain the soil moisture is only reading 3% and 6%. Clearly something is wrong. 
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Solid white light can't connect to phone

Nathan Anderson
Updated at 2019-02-13 03:53:31 UTC 
I connected to the netro wih the app a few times no problem. Then it said failed to connect. The light is solid white no blinking. I have uplugged it reset it multiple times and deleted and reinstalled the app. Any help?
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Why is my sprite watering zones multiple times a day

Tim Cox
Updated at 2019-02-02 01:35:59 UTC 
Installed sprite after I got it for Christmas.  Today it started watering on its own for the first time and certain zones ran for almost 45 minutes and a couple zones watered more than one time in a day.  What the heck is going on????
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St. Augustine

Spencer Vaughn
Updated at 2019-01-10 03:15:53 UTC 
What’s the best way to fill in a bald corner of my yard with st Augustine. Every house in my neighborhood has a lush yard and so do I do for the most part. There isn’t a lot of foot traffic there. The only thing I can think of is that it’s at the top of my slopped yard (probably my the highest point) and maybe the water runs off to quickly. I don’t want to have to lay sod down if I don’t have too so I wanted to see if there were any other options. 
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Leak detection

Joshua Berk
Updated at 2019-01-03 15:27:07 UTC 
Topic: General
Rachio has a new leak detection device you can install on the pipe that talks to the controller letting it know if there's water flow that shouldn't be happening. Do you guys have plans to do anything like this? Would absolutely be interested in it!
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not watering after installation

Sangjin Lee
Updated at 2018-12-15 18:56:48 UTC 

I installed two Netro Sprites to replace the previous controllers. The installation itself went fine, and I was able to verify that the first one waters the zones fine.

However, the second one does not water any zones. All the status indicators are fine, I hear the water getting turned on, and everything but no watering. What could be wrong? The wiring seems pretty simple. One common wire, 4 zone wires, and the power. All the wires are securely in. What are the ways to troubleshoot this?

Thanks in advance!

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Select suitable plants for slope

Netro Support
Updated at 2018-12-13 07:48:53 UTC 

Select suitable plants for slope

Growing plants in some area with slopes may be more difficult than level gardens. A lot of challenging factors should be taken into consideration, for example, the different soil conditions, the sunlight condition, the slope condition, etc. Netro's smart watering would take care of these factors. Please go to Settings->Zones , select your zone and choose your soil type, slope condition and other settings.

The top priority is to evaluate the pitch and runoff. If the pitch is more than 30 degrees, it might be a good idea to terrace the area to prevent topsoil from eroding and all moisture evacuating every time you water or it rains. Once you have solved any moisture retention and erosion problems, it is time to evaluate the site further for exposure and zone, and plan what plants grow on slopes. The types of plants you choose will depend not only on your visual preference and vision but also the needs of the area. Deep rooted plants help stabilize soil, trees add dimension and shade to prevent excess evaporation, and low growing ground covers cover up unsightly areas with ease of care.

Although growing plants on a hillside can be a challenge, once established they can transform the area and help keep soil from slowly weeping down into the flatter parts of the terrain. Taller shrubs and bushes add many seasons of interest and will help give the area a sculpted appeal. Just remember that young plants will need additional moisture, staking and training as they establish. To keep maintenance down, choose plants that produce very little mess which would otherwise require extra work to clean up annually. Some plants that work well on slopes include:

Burning Bush 

Fragrant Sumac 

Japanese Yew 

California Lilac 

Creeping Juniper 

Dwarf Forsythia 



Carpet Cypress

Read more at Gardening Know How: Choosing Plants For Sloping Areas – What Plants Grow On Slopes

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Needing to connect to a new device

Rebekah H
Updated at 2018-11-28 04:23:43 UTC 

My phone broke and when I tried to connect my new one to the sprinkler, I get an error message saying that our Netro is linked to another device and must be deleted from it before it can connector to my current phone. Is there anyway to reset the controller? 

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Water pump shutting off

Ryan Cochran
Updated at 2018-11-26 02:32:24 UTC 
My water turns on then about a minute into the cycle it will suddenly shut down. The app says it is still going but water is not coming out of the sprinklers. Help  
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EPA rebate status?

Joshua Berk
Updated at 2018-11-04 07:39:58 UTC 
Topic: General
Hi I was wondering if we could get an update on where Netro is with an EPA rebate? We're aware Netro has applied, but any word or ETA on getting certification for rebates?  Thank you
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Skipping skipped?

Updated at 2018-10-31 16:11:03 UTC 
Live in Hawaii and yesterday we had flood level rains and to my disappointment Netro watered this morning even though I have it set to skip if it rained the previous day. Anyone have this happen?
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Matt Lasser
Updated at 2018-10-31 16:01:30 UTC 
Listen.  This timer is really bad.  How do I let a service man run my timer I don’t want to give him my phone at least with the Rachio I can grant temporary access this is not worth the money at all
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Is there a way to water multiple times during the day?

George Zraick
Updated at 2018-10-27 20:05:15 UTC 
I have this fern area in a desert climate. Is there a way to do short spirt misting multiple times a day?
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Updated at 2018-10-17 16:59:29 UTC 
My controller is blinking. Hasn’t done that before. Ideas?
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