Not recognizing rain forecast or actual

120 Sweet Bailey
Updated at 2023-06-23 23:14:09 UTC 
My unit does not skip watering on days where it’s forecast for 1 inches or even it's raining.
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Ralph G
Updated at 2023-06-23 18:56:48 UTC 

In the whisperers manual it says it will show up in the weather section but I don't see it. Anyone else have this issue?

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Zones not watering

Updated at 2023-06-22 16:54:38 UTC 


I have 6 zones setup, all of them with the same characteristics and settings, yet 2 of the zones never water, meaning the next watering time is never set.

Your help is appreciated


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Start-end time not working

Fabio Silvestri
Updated at 2023-06-21 05:20:31 UTC 


I set the working time gap between 4 to 8 Am, cause after that i will have the robot mowing.

Most of the time the Smart schedule respects those limits, but in some days The schedule keeps watering till 10am, and restarts at 6pm.

Is there any setting I'm missing? 

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Cella fotovoltaica non funziona

Massimo Oldrini
Updated at 2023-06-20 07:57:16 UTC 


da circa un mesa la cella fotovoltaica non ricarica la batteria che piano paino si è scaricata e l’ho dovuta ricaricare con il cavo usb.

L’apparato va sostituito?

Acquisto 20/03/2023 con Amazon.

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Carlo Capraro
Updated at 2023-06-19 12:11:17 UTC 

Salve a tutti, aprendo spesso l'app mi sono reso conto che con frequenza mi da Off line, poi basta fare disabilita e riabilita e tutto ritorna nella norma. È normale?? Ci sono opzioni per ovviare a questo problema?

Grazie a tutti

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What is the boost factor in smart zones?

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Updated at 2023-06-19 09:25:40 UTC 
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Unknown irrigation zone that did not work

Luis T
Updated at 2023-06-18 15:30:17 UTC 

Hi there,

I have an irrigation system in my garden with 7 zones. The solenoid valves and the irrigation controller are new. Irrigation was already in place when I bought the house, so I don't know where the underground pipes run.

When I open one of the zones, no sprinkler pops up. I don't know if the pipe is clogged or if the sprinklers were removed or just don't work. Digging in my garden is very difficult because the soil is very stony.

Is there any technique, trick or machine that will allow me to track the underground pipe in that area? I would like to rehabilitate it.


Any comments are welcome.


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Zone doesn't stay on

Brent S
Updated at 2023-06-18 02:05:28 UTC 
Topic: General

Hi just installed a sprite 6. I can here zone turn on then immediately turns off but the timer is still running on the app. I can hear the water stop and start in each zone ; the app thinks it's watering but the valve closes. Same for all zones


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Rainy day shut off

Jay Fahar
Updated at 2023-06-16 13:18:25 UTC 

Wondering how to use the online weather forecast and be able to use that information to turn off the next day scheduled watering. 

I'm checking the rainy days manual and turn on/off the system which is cumbersome! Appreciate letting me know.

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Netro App

Updated at 2023-06-15 00:40:38 UTC 

I bought a new phone today and am unable to water my lawn and vegetable garden because the app asks for a password, which I have forgotten.

I have tried number of times to get it to open up with a new password and the app still does not go back to normal.

Please call me on my cell phone.  209-482-0316

I would like to be able to get this to work because it is getting hot in California.  It is to be in the 90's tomorrow.

Linda Lundgren

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Pixie-Z1-H - How to install?

Updated at 2023-06-14 15:54:05 UTC 
  • I have received a new Pixie-Z1 and a hub
  • Downloaded the Netro iOS App from the UK app store
  • In the App I added the hub connecting through Bluetooth and configuring WiFi access for the hub
  • Hub shows constant green light

Now how can I add the Pixie-Z1 hose faucet to my account? The App only shows the option for the Pixie-1, which doesn't work because the Pixie-Z1 uses the Zigbee connection, not WiFi.

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No notifications

Khalid Mousa
Updated at 2023-06-14 03:25:18 UTC 
Why netro don’t have notifications when it’s watering. Begging and end like wother. Orbits b havy and RainMachine 
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Calibrating sprinkler output

Updated at 2023-06-13 15:16:54 UTC 


Firstly, I have a Sprite and love it! Easy to install, easy to set up and I'm really impressed with it.

I have a smart water meter so I know exactly how much water each zone uses and I can see that the Netro Sprite's estimate of water used during irrigation is about 75% of the actual usage as reported by my water meter.  This means that I am probably over watering.

Is there an easy way in the app to calibrate the expected flow rate (litres/minute) of a zone's sprinklers such that the smart algorithms deliver closer to the amount of water they think is needed?  Or put it another way, instead of calculating it needs to run a zone for say 10 minutes, they would just run for 7.5 minutes.

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Delay settings

Roberto Pirovano
Updated at 2023-06-13 09:15:35 UTC 
I have a delay set on 5 days, I try to change it to reduce to 1 day but the system stay on 5
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Why does my app say the watering didn’t happen?

Beau Cook
Updated at 2023-06-12 23:10:58 UTC 
I have a sprit 6 I just hydro seeded so I have to keep the ground damp. I’m at work away from the house and the app says it didn’t watered in my last 2 programs. I tried to do a manual run and it wouldn’t work. Do I have to be home for it to work?
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Can’t open netro app

Marcos Sanz
Updated at 2023-06-12 16:35:22 UTC 

Hi, is impossible access app netro

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Installation 3 Wisperer and a Pixie in my garden

Updated at 2023-06-12 12:25:08 UTC 
Good morning,

I have three Wisperers and a Pixie. I can't install my three Wisperers in the same area as my Pixie. I managed to install Wisperer with my Pixie but the other two. How do I install all Wisperer with my Pixie?

If the Pixie is installed in a different area than the Wisperers, does it all work together to optimize my garden watering?


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Netro sprite

mekanicul Meku
Updated at 2023-06-11 09:43:07 UTC 
hello, can you turn off the led on netro sprite?
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Certificate Expired - AGAIN!

Updated at 2023-06-11 06:42:24 UTC 

Please renew the certificate so our app works again..  

Maybe you need to set a reminder around this as this seems to be a reoccurring problem.

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