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La zona non si spegne

Updated at 2024-07-17 16:29:38 UTC 

Quando collego la valvola la zona resta alimentata a 24 v anche quando finisce il ciclo. Quindi non smette di irrigare anche con la spia di colore verde.

Senza la valvola invece la tensione torna 0 volt.

Cosa può essere il problema

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Bug in Smart watering Algorithm

Updated at 2024-07-16 18:53:40 UTC 

I would like to know how to get a serious bug in the smart watering algorithm resolved.

I live in north Dallas.  All of our soil is clay.  Most yards (like mine) have Bermuda grass, which is extremely drought tolerant.  This grass grows roots several feet deep and can survive with zero watering for 3 weeks after a downpour that saturates the clay.  (I can show you green grass in a yard that is hard as a rock)  During mid July to mid September the average low is 80 and the high is over 100.  Bermuda grass will go dormant(not dead) if not watered during summer.  You can easily keep the yard looking decent with only 10 minutes of watering per week.

I bought my house in 2020 and it came with a Netro.  After a summer of use, my wife and I failed to look at the auto-pay CC card water bills.  We had accidently spent thousands of dollars on yard watering during the summer. (I can show the water bills)!  (FYI, I had each zone set to the max ECO level)  Instead of buying a new timer, I changed smart-zone to basic instead of advanced and setup very detailed schedules.  

My timer got hit by lightning back in May.  I bought a new one and set it up.  I failed to notice that the default value for new zones is "smart zone enabled with advanced setting".  Even though I had set up manual programs the timer found 'loop holes'.  The advanced mode was watering some zones as much as 70 minutes in 1 WEEK!  (compared to previous 10 min a week).  My water bill went from $160 to $400 ( at least I caught it before it got to $800 again).  

This bug has literally cost me thousands of dollars with a feature that is supposed to be saving me money.  I am not asking for compensation, it was my mistake that that I failed to look at the schedule and CC auto-pay.  

But this bug is ridiculous.  

How do we get the following implemented:

1) Global setting for water conservation (impacts all zones) that limits the max per week and max per month that a zone can be watered 

2) Budgets inside manual programs that will set limits for max per week and max per month.

3) expand frequency for programs to be across 14 days instead of 7 days

4) notifications from app that informs owner of minutes watered per week and per month.



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Problem with irrigation time

Daniel Encinas
Updated at 2024-07-12 10:43:36 UTC 
Hello, I have owned a Netro Sprite programmer for several years.

The problem I have is that it programs the phases intelligently and if it indicates that it has to water for 10 minutes. It only waters for about 1 minute but the app shows that it has watered for 10 minutes. The garden is drying out and I don't know what to do.
This happens to me in all irrigation phases. If I program it manually the same thing happens to me. If I try it twice, the second time it takes even less time to water.
I have connected the transformer directly to the phase, bypassing the programmer, and it works correctly.
Reviewing its problems section, I found a similar one in which it says to look at the 24 volt voltage. (which is correct, around 30 volt) and the resistance in ohms of more than 20 (around 30 ohmios). It also says that there the programmer has a recoverable fuse.

What can I do?


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Manual watering beta

Lynn johnson
Updated at 2024-07-10 04:17:16 UTC 
So I like the idea of being able to manually water when I want especially on really hot days but the battery aftervthe second day dies and never charges more then 10 to 15 percent even in full sun for 10 hours. Would be nice if it charged faster and had a better battery or less drain in that mode.
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Cannot find master solenoid valve

Updated at 2024-07-06 22:46:35 UTC 
None of the zones are watering when the app says it's watering. I measured each zone when active and each read 28 AC. When testing the resistance, the readings were jumping all over the place for each reading. This is leading me to believe there is an issue with the master solenoid valve. However, there is no wire that connects to the M slot on the controller. Looking around the house for any of the underground boxes, I have not been able to find the master solenoid. Attaching pictures of what I have found. Any help greatly appreciated.
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2 zones must run the same amount of time

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Updated at 2024-07-06 15:35:53 UTC 

Hi there 

I have the garden zones like the diagram. And I want zone 4 a 3 run the same amount of time. Currently they use different whisperers and have different schedules what makes the grass to present in summer dry patches. I would like to force to run 3 and 4 the same amount of time.

Should I use only one whisperer attached to both zones (3 and 4)? 

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Increase Run Time Per Zone

Don Carli
Updated at 2024-07-04 18:58:45 UTC 


I have a number of zones that I would like to run for 180 minutes. Can you enable this for me?


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Metro timer

Anne McNamara
Updated at 2024-07-04 13:16:31 UTC 
Everything shows it should be running, but it doesn’t wake up. I have it set for online during watering periods. It says it’s communicating but it’s not running. How do I wake up metro when I want to communicate
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Red dot

Jean Paul Lasserre
Updated at 2024-07-03 18:53:21 UTC 
What is the significance of a red dot next to the green bell ? 

Do not see anything anywhere and have not received any notice.


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Export a summary of zone settings?

Updated at 2024-06-30 23:53:31 UTC 

Is there a way to view all the input settings for a given zone, to wit, soil types, slopes, species, etc? It is difficult to check the data going screen by screen. Perhaps an Export or Summary capability I have not yet discovered?

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Adjusting for tree cover

Updated at 2024-06-30 23:47:30 UTC 
Much of my non-lawn landscape area is sheltered by heavy tree canopy, meaning light rain does not reach the ground in the same amount that weather apps might report. If I find that smart zones are not getting enough water, how would I tweak the zone settings?
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all connections good but sprite wont open any valves.

Douglas Ely
Updated at 2024-06-29 11:36:11 UTC 
One day, the Sprite just stopped opening the zone valves. We tested and reconnected all the wires and deleted and re-installed the Sprite. Still no luck. Ground is good too. What could be wrong?
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app crashing

Updated at 2024-06-28 14:13:56 UTC 
Hi I install the app on my android tablet but when I am trying to manually water my plant on SPRITE-12, the app is always crashing. I try everything with no success.

Can you please help.



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Netro sprite-6 with power adapter 600 ma?

Nuno Fs
Updated at 2024-06-28 12:33:25 UTC 


Just bought a Netro sprite-6 and a power adapter 600 ma but the sprinklers go up but not down, why? Could it be the amperage?

I exchange the power adapter for a 800 mA and i still have the same problem. 

If i do a manual irrigation and turn  it off in the middle it doesnt turn off,but if i tried once more to turn it on it turns it off....


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programs overlaping (smart scheduler and watering adjustment)

Alfonso Olias Sanz
Updated at 2024-06-25 10:19:26 UTC 

The smart schedule overlaps with the watering adjustment program that runs when the moisture goes below a %.

Yo can see here that zone 5 run 10 minutes the program and then 37 minutes the scheduler.  It has no sense and it is a waste of water.

  1. After the watering adjustment run, the smart scheduler should recalibrate the timing based on the humidity of the land.
  2. I have the whisperers, the whisperer should monitor the humidity and stop the smart watering once it reaches 99% of humidity but it seems the program runs all the way.

This could be improved in the application.

Thanks for your support and keep up the good job

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Netro Spark

Juan Manuel Fernandez de Sosa
Updated at 2024-06-22 20:41:47 UTC 

En relación con mi pregunta anterior ya he visto que poniendo el riego nocturno a las 23:30 se acepta, pero si se pone a las 23:59 sale el error. Por lo tanto anulen mi anterior pregunta, aunque me resulta algo extraño que no permita 23:59 siendo el mismo día.


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Netro Spark

Juan Manuel Fernandez de Sosa
Updated at 2024-06-22 20:24:29 UTC 

He instalado mi nuevo Netro Spark. En modo smart produce demasiados riegos en una determinada zona de forma muy constante, y con demasiado tiempo. No me parece nada lógico. Quiero dejar eliminado el modo smart y programar personalmente el riego. Consigo programar un riego de las cuatro zonas que utilizo en un determinado horario de la mañana, pero cuando voy a añadir un segundo riego diario por la noche me da un mensaje "ERROR: Program cannot cross a day".

¿Significa esto que solo puedo programar un riego al día? Muy extraño, mi anterior programador permitía tantos riegos diarios como quisiera simplemente indicando las horas.

Por favor, una solución, porque si solo se puede programar un riego al día no me soluciona nada este dispositivo.


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Start two Zones at the same time

Updated at 2024-06-22 18:15:57 UTC 

Dear netro team,

I missing the function that I can open two zones at the same time.  If this is possible you could combine different valves.

This would be a huge advantage.

Thanks for your response. 

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Netro Sprite offline

David Domingues
Updated at 2024-06-20 06:58:04 UTC 


Since 2 days now, my netro Sprite is offline.

The light is solid  but quickly blinks each 6 seconds.

What should I do?

Are Netro servers online?

Thank you,


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Where is the documentation on how to use the app?

Lance Blaise
Updated at 2024-06-20 03:41:17 UTC 
Where is the documentation on how to use the app? I have no clue how to set my own schedule or how to use the smart scheduling... I can't find anything on how to use this app at all and it's pretty confusing. I am looking at the app and it seems to have smart watering enabled, but there are times where it's skipping 3 days randomly and there is no rain that is supposed to take place on those days, so no clue why it's skipping those days. Can someone direct me to where the documentation is for using the app?  Thank you. 
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