Geron R
Updated at 2022-07-16 17:28:52 UTC
I had issues this morning also. I was getting JSON error every time I tried to login. I went to Netro website it said too many people were trying access the site. I was worried I started looking for a replacement controller. Glad Netro is backup.
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Jay Fahar
2022-07-16 18:29:35 UTC  
My app crashed unexpectedly! In the middle of watering! A message popped up from Google saying I could try fixing the WiFi connectvity by logging via a PC. I didn't do it. I tried opening the App, but couldn't and it would close automatically!. I rebooted my Android, Pixel-6, several times, and it didn't help. I then decided to uninstall the App, reinstall it, but it didn't work!? I then emailed the Support team about to he is incident, haven't heard back from them yet! About 1/2 hour ago, I tried reinstalling the App, and, bingo! It's been fixed!

Wency Pan
2022-07-18 07:52:14 UTC  
Dear customer,

We were upgrading our server due to rapid increase of active devices connected to the Netro cloud server, at that time the cloud service was temporarily unavailable.
Sorry about the inconvenience.



Netro Support