Device and app depends on Netro servers

David Domingues
Updated at 2022-07-16 17:16:14 UTC
Topic: Netro App


Everything was fine so far with my sprite controller and I must say I like it a lot.

During this Saturday, I was not able to reach the app. It was opening and closing right after. I reinstalled it. Same behaviour. I installed it on another phone with the same result.

I went to the main website and could witness no login or forum was available allegedly due to a high volume of traffic. 

My device should be able to work independently from your servers availability. If your company runs of business today, how are your customer going to use the devices they bought from you?

It is urgent, you update your app to be able to work autonomously in offline mode, regardless the state of your servers 

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Geron R
Updated at 2022-07-17 12:30:45 UTC

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