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Javier NM
Updated at 2023-07-04 11:25:43 UTC 

While I was doing some tests with my installation (Sprite-6), I received a notification warning me of a "load error". It happened while I was manual-watering ant the water supply valve was shut. I found it very useful. Now, two questions arise:

(a) I never found the above notification in the "Notifications" section of my account. Wouldn´t it be expected there?;

(b) Is it possible to know the list of notifications that the system can send to the user, so that one could know the system better and prepare strategies if needed? 

Evereyday I am happier with my Sprite. I find it to be a top system. Congratulations to the team!

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Can't reconnect wifi

Yuriy Andamasov
Updated at 2023-07-05 21:14:40 UTC 

sprite-6 went offline

impossible to reconnect to wifi

never pass step 5 

sprite-6 blinking all the time

worked just fine almost year

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New Sprite will not connect to Wifi

Michael Burberry
Updated at 2023-07-05 22:39:33 UTC 
I just bought a Sprite 6 for my new house. It will not connect to WiFi. I checked the password, added a range extender, made sure I was connecting to the 2.4 channel, and opened up guest access, but it still won’t connect. I even unhooked the pump wires and tried to set it up right next to my router and still nothing.I have one set up at my old house and have never had issues.
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Can I run this thing unrestricted

John Zuzula
Updated at 2023-07-06 22:57:53 UTC 
Is this unit capable of running unrestricted? My shit is dying here and I'm not happy with the difficulty associated with running this thing! I find it way too complicated! I sincerly wish I hadn't purchased it!
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Cannot set Weather Underground ICARPI46 cto my netro

Updated at 2023-07-07 22:09:44 UTC 


I can't set ICARPI46 (or any) WU station ID as my weather provider, there is a bug?

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Moisture and weather API

Andrea D.
Updated at 2023-07-07 23:20:33 UTC 

Hello there,

I'm making use of Netro API to:

  • Update the soil moisture of my zone in order to get precise and updated data
  • Update past-1-day, current and 5-day forecast
API calls works, but I get weird values for the zone: I put 38% as humidity and I see a 23% in the app, if I send 100% then I get 70%. How this works? There are some kind of calculations that take in account historical data? (I have a Whisperer sensor I've stopped using since it give quite random data).

As I've seen even meteo information change humidity value of the zone. 


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Pixie Z1

Updated at 2023-07-08 02:25:00 UTC 
Will the hub continue to run the watering schedule when there is no internet service? I am watering at a remote location where internet service is spotty, and I am not always there.
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Why no cycle soak setting?

Updated at 2023-07-08 19:56:33 UTC 
Why is there no cycle soak settings in these controllers. Also what about anti water hamer setting?  
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Mark Killeen
Updated at 2023-07-10 22:48:23 UTC 
How do I set system so that it does not water between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am?
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Mark Killeen
Updated at 2023-07-10 22:48:36 UTC 
How do I set system so that it does not water between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am?
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Timer shows watering, but no watering!

Jay Fahar
Updated at 2023-07-11 12:26:26 UTC 

My scheduled watering starts at 7AM. Since we had rains for the past two days, the API apparently senses the moistures in the soil and stops watering as scheduled.  Today I monitired Netro showing zone-1 was ON. I looked outside and didn't see the zone watering!  I then went to the basement and listened for water flowing in the pipies. No noise!

I concluded that NETRO still shows scheduled watering, but the vales to all Zones are shutoff!!!?  This is a sofware bug and needs to be fixed?!

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Updated at 2023-07-11 17:32:17 UTC 
How do I check if my pixie one is still in warranty?
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Random Manual Start

Mario Hardy
Updated at 2023-07-13 04:52:51 UTC 

Hi, I woke up twice this week to see that Netro has launched unscheduled manual run for one hour in the middle of the night.

How to make this stop???

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Random Manual Start

Mario Hardy
Updated at 2023-07-13 04:53:04 UTC 

Hi, I woke up twice this week to see that Netro has launched unscheduled manual run for one hour in the middle of the night.

How to make this stop???

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Whisperer v1 reporting temp over 800 degrees

Updated at 2023-07-13 16:20:23 UTC 
I have a v1 Whisperer that’s almost 3 years old. The temp readings are now showing up as over 800 degrees.  I’ve tried to reset it and it’s still reporting the same.  Perhaps another ‘harder’ reset?  Software update?  Out am I just going to need to buy a new one?
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Problème de localisation

Yoann Lienard
Updated at 2023-07-16 10:54:55 UTC 

Bonjour ,

Je ne peux pas installer mon capteur de plante parce que lors de l’installation je ne peux pas choisir la France l’application ne reconnaît que les états Unis. 

Comment faire ? 

Merci de votre réponse. 


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Watering even when it's wet

Updated at 2023-07-16 14:14:17 UTC 


My Netro app seems to be watering even though it has been raining a lot prevoius day. Zone is set to Smart - Regular. 

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Weather underground

Dion Friedt
Updated at 2023-07-17 03:09:10 UTC 
Is there a way to combine the weather underground rain data with the netro forcast as well as the temp? I have found that netro forcast/ temp tend to be very good but the moisture from rain tends to be off quite a bit,  I have a wheather underground station mere blocks away, but the forecast stinks.
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Preferences about time

Paolo Vecchi
Updated at 2023-07-17 07:41:39 UTC 
Hi, i’ve setted two preferred time ranges for the programs. But smart app is not considering that. What is my fault? Thanks
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Manual watering donato chance umidity

Andrea Vecchia
Updated at 2023-07-17 14:34:51 UTC 

Why when I add manully watering time the humidity of the zone don't  change?

Why the next smart program don't reduce time ?

Thank you.

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