Two zones on same spot

Ken Wiens
Updated at 2018-07-31 22:06:08 UTC
Topic: Smart Watering

I have 4 zones. Two of these cover the same piece of ground. One zone has pgm sprayers and the other zone has regular sprayers .But they cover exactly the same area. How do I tell the app this so that it knows that running the sprinklers for one zone waters the same trees and grass as the other zone? 

To try and clarify the question - these zones cover the same physical piece of ground, (they overlap 100%) but netro doesn't know that, so it will water one zone and think the other zone is still in need of watering - and thus water the same grass twice. (each zone once so the same grass twice).  Netro's algorithm for determining soil moisture levels can't work if it doesn't realize these two zones are the same physical piece of grass. 

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Ken Jennings
Updated at 2018-08-04 08:27:23 UTC

1) If Zone 1 irrigates area "A" and Zone 2 also irrigates area "A", then I would turn off Zone 2 and let just Zone 1 water Area "A".

2) Perhaps you might be describing Zone 1 and Zone 2 as in the same location but Zone 1 covers grass and Zone 2 covers trees and some grass.

   In that case, you really have 2 areas.  Treat them as separate zones.

3) Perhaps you might have Zone 1 that irrigates Area "A" and Zone 2 irrigates Area "A" and Area "B".  This is what I have at my house.

   In this case, there is no perfect way to solve the problem because the zone areas overlap.

   What I did was dialed down Zone 1 and changed my heads in Zone 2 to not overlap all of Area "A".

   I have an irregular shaped area on a slope with mostly clay soil and an irrigation company that wanted to save time and money on install.

   The clay soil helps even out the irregular over/underwatering so my problem isn't too bad. 

Hope this helps