Javier NM
Updated at 2023-07-04 11:25:43 UTC
Topic: Netro App

While I was doing some tests with my installation (Sprite-6), I received a notification warning me of a "load error". It happened while I was manual-watering ant the water supply valve was shut. I found it very useful. Now, two questions arise:

(a) I never found the above notification in the "Notifications" section of my account. Wouldn´t it be expected there?;

(b) Is it possible to know the list of notifications that the system can send to the user, so that one could know the system better and prepare strategies if needed? 

Evereyday I am happier with my Sprite. I find it to be a top system. Congratulations to the team!

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Wency Pan
Updated at 2023-07-05 05:34:42 UTC

Dear customer,

Thanks for your info. The load error is a message that indicates an unstable network connection after the manual run starts. The load error suggests the user check the network or refresh the home page. 

Currently, Netro devices cannot detect whether the water valve is open. Netro only detects whether the device valve is open, but not whether there is water flow. We may consider optimizing this feature in the future and I have forwarded it to our R&D.

We do not send notification of when the device start to water or finish watering since that will be too many notifications and we do not spam the user. 

However, We have implemented the app notification when the device starts to water. Currently it is ready for beta testing. If you are interested in trying this feature, we will enable it internally for you. In the next app release, there will be a public on/off control for this feature.


Netro Support