Please send us a video/picture of the leakage and we will come back to you with recommendations.
The battery level is low. Please place the timer under sunlight for a few hours and try again. If the sunlight condition is not great, it may take extra hours for the battery to charge up to the proper level. You can also remove the battery from the timer and charge it with a USB cable.

Wi-Fi Connection

1. It is possible that your WiFi router is too far away. We recommend a signal of at least 2 bars on your phone. 2. Double check the password. You should enter the password of your home WiFi, not the password of your Netro account. 3. Make sure your router has access to the internet and it is not blocking port 1883 which is reserved for MQTT. Try to lower the security settings on the router/firewall. 4. Create a guest network which is usually hosted at 2.4G only and try to connect the timer with the guest network 5. Change the WiFi channel from your WiFi router. 6. Make sure the router is not blocking the Netro device. 7. Sometimes, rebooting your router can resolve some connection issues. Rebooting the modem might also help.
Make sure your timer is turned on and in HOST mode (LED light flashing in white).
Please make sure your router is turned on and has a signal of at least 2 bars on your phone at the location where your timer is installed. The timer only connects to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks. You might also try to reboot your router.
Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the timer. 1. If the LED light flashes in red and then turns off, the battery is low and needs to be charged 2. If the LED light stays white for 15-30 seconds and then becomes red, the timer is unable to connect the WiFi network
This is normal. The timer goes to sleep mode in 5 minutes each time it is turned on. It wakes up every 1 hour to check changes of watering schedules. If you would like to keep it online (this consumes more battery power), you can to go the Netro app -> Settings -> Timer -> Keep Online, to enable the feature and select a time frame (<4 hours a day is recommended). When you enable or change the time frame today, the setting may be effective from tomorrow.

Turning on/off the water

It is possible that the timer was shipped by airplanes and the shipping company may have demagnetize the internal valve. Manually turning on and off the valve (quickly press the button twice) for about 10 times can fix this issue.