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Updated at 2020-07-06 09:24:15 UTC

Dear Michael, 

Our R&Ds have fixed the issue, it should not happen again. Please let us know if the problem remains. 

This is caused by a corner case bug. Here are some details if you want to know. Our cloud server updates the smart schedules at least once per day. Netro determines that your yard need to be watered for about 1 hour tomorrow, due to soak time, we split it into several schedules. On tomorrow morning a little later than 4:00am, your first smart schedules was executed. Our server starts to update your smart schedules. With the first executed schedule, the moisture is increased, above your threshold 50%. Therefore, the remaining smart schedules are cancelled. That's what you saw. Without your manual schedules, Netro will executed another smart schedules on 4:00am the day after tomorrow. So your yard will not be short of water, but watering frequently is not good for your grass. 

We have identified this problem and fixed the bug. 

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