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Updated at 2018-10-11 03:17:47 UTC

Hi Joshua,

Currently Netro doesn't have a separate way for a landscaper to access the app. The only way to give them control of the system would be to give them your account name and password. However, we don't recommend you do that unless you're comfortable doing so.

 A workaround would be changing your password to a temporary one and after your landscaper completes the work you change the password back to the original one.

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Joshua Berk
2018-10-13 17:46:13 UTC  
Ok thanks. Will be support for this in the future?
Netro Support
2018-10-29 07:23:26 UTC  
Yes it will be supported in the future.

j w
2019-02-27 06:38:10 UTC  
not true
Netro Support
2019-04-17 01:46:07 UTC  
Dear customer, this feature has been supported. Please check this forum article