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Updated at 2020-04-01 02:30:29 UTC

Hi Arvind,

Netro will check the weather data for the past and get new weather data at 4 am in the morning to adjust following schedules accordingly. So if watering in actual is less, Netro will adjust the watering for next few days. You can also correct rainfall in Dicover page-> tap the "+" button on upper right corner.


Netro Support

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Luca Manfrin
2020-04-07 09:48:18 UTC  
this is a fantastic option. Never described before. You should point it out a little bit more.
i wonder - could be very interesting if a wishperer could be positioned outside from watering areas to check if rains or not for an istantaneus shut off in case of unexpected rain or to restore immediately the watering if not rained even if predicted.