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Updated at 2020-02-24 03:26:02 UTC

Hi Markus,

1. If the wifi is disconnected, your device can still run up to one month. Netro can work up to one month without wifi according to pre-reladed schedule. When you see your schedule on Netro app, Netro always have one month schedule saved on local and will be updated every day when the device is connected with wifi.

2. If you turn on the smart zone feature, Netro will skip the schedules (including manual schedules from user programs) when there is a chance of significant rain.

3. Yes. The sensor measures the top soil and our model could estimate moisture level of deep soil.  If sensor is associated, our model uses both the top soil and deep soil moisture to estimate and adjust smart watering schedules.

4. For newly planted trees, We suggest water new palm twice a week until the first 18 inches of soil are moist. Please find more useful information in this article about watering for newly planted palm trees.


Netro Support

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