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Updated at 2019-12-16 02:01:17 UTC

Hi Tim, 

Netro will check the weather data for the past and get new weather data at 4 am in the morning to adjust following schedules accordingly. Netro also supports rainfall adjustment (Please go to the Discover page and tap the "+" button on the upper right corner,  select "Correct Rainfall") 

The expectation will take the forecasted precipitation and multiply it by the probability of rain. If the result is 0.2 inches or higher, than we will cancel watering schedules. For example, if rainfall is 0.2 inches but probability is 50%, then 0.2*.5 = .1, 0.1 is less than 0.2, so the watering will go as scheduled. But if rainfall is 0.4 inches with 50%, then the Smart Zone will cancel the watering schedule for that day. 

Please let us know if you have further questions. 


Netro Support

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Tim Foster
2019-12-17 16:06:29 UTC  
I'm not sure this is right now. My front lawn is saying it won't be watered for three weeks. The sensor is reporting the temperature right now as 31c with topsoil. At 12% and sunlight 150k lux. Subsoil is saying 68% but this is grass, so only in topsoil