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Updated at 2019-08-12 02:28:04 UTC

Hi Sergio,

So far we have supported Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control in English. We currently do not open MQTT to users. We may consider support API in our future development plan.  


Netro Support

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2020-05-28 13:56:22 UTC  
I have been using your system for two years. Since you do not have an API, I'm planning on switching to a product with an API. An API would enhance your product and I'm sure will get you many more customers.

Please consider this with some priority.
Netro Support
2020-05-29 02:36:12 UTC  
Dear customer,

We are going to support IFTTT in June. But currently we do not have a public API.
Sorry about the incovinience.

Netro Support