OK Hitz
Updated at 2019-07-08 23:15:28 UTC

Not sure what you mean but I agree to some point. I installed mine 2 days ago and it didn’t rain BUT the weather forecast predicted rain. It never happened though. In my opinion AI would look at the facts and then decide what to do. My gras is dying because it’s not getting enough water and it’s hot. 

But Netro is not catching this. 

@Netro: I have an own weather station and would like to hook my Netro up to it and let it make decisions based on REAL data - not coulda shoulda... maybe, maybe not.

Is this possible? Otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose.



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Netro Support
2019-07-09 05:36:08 UTC  
Dear customer,

In the next release, we are going to support Weather Underground PWS (https://www.wunderground.com/). You can connect your local weather station to the Weather Underground network, and tell Netro your PWS ID, then you could use the accurate data reported by your weather station. 

As weather forecast is challenging, the forecast data could be wrong. We get weather information from Darksky. Of course, all weather forecast could be wrong. Netro tries the best to provide accurate watering schedule even with incorrect forecast. First, we periodically update the weather data, once the weather data is changed, we update the un-executed schedules ASAP. Second, we re-check the weather data for the past, update our model, and adjust following schedules accordingly. For example, Netro may not water today due to large rainfall from forecast data. The next day, Netro re-check the weather data, if no rainfall found and your soil is dry enough, Netro will water accordingly.

If Netro is not watering your zones enough, you can adjust smart watering. Please go to settings->zones->select a zone->smart zone and choose your preferred watering mode. We recommend you to choose boost mode to increase the watering amount. You can also choose "customized" mode to adjust watering by providing the preferred moisture level and flow rate of your sprinklers.

Netro Support

Kirk Davis
2019-07-09 11:48:12 UTC  
This uwed to be possible with Weather Underground, then the company screwed all of the developers by starting to charge an outlandish API fee. The developers said they are working on another model to do the same, but in thw mean time are implementing a feature where you can override the "AI" and input actual rainfall to have it recalculate moisture properly. They are really trying to make this a world-class product, so hang tight for the next release. According to a commitment they made to us a long time ago, it should be released in the next 7-10 days.