Pixie & Wisper 2 - How to get them to connect?

Mark Smith
Updated at 2023-12-08 08:15:08 UTC
Topic: Netro App
I have purchased 3x Wisper 2s and 3x Pixies as well as a Spark. I want to set the watering frequency based on information from the Whispers. In the app, it has a sensor field, but it's not selected. I can't find any instructions on getting them to work together. I opened a ticket with support 2 days ago but no response. 
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Wency Pan
Updated at 2023-12-11 02:00:48 UTC

Dear Mark,

I think what happened is that when you installed the controller you chose the sensor first and the app thought you have the intension to add some standalone sensors (not assigned to any zones in the controller).

To move the stand alone sensors to a zone, first you have to go to Settings->Sensors->Edit(upper right corner) and then delete the sensor. Next you will have to go to the home page. There is a drop down menu and please select your Pixie, then tap the "+" button on the upper right corner,  go to Add a Product-> Plant sensor and then complete the following procedures to add the sensor. You will need to press the button 6 times on the back of the sensor to change its mode to Setup mode (light blinking slowly).  

Sorry we did not receive your email. Are you sending it to support@netrohome.com?



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