Updated at 2023-10-19 16:06:46 UTC

I’m seriously considering returning the product too. The app is overly complicated. I use ewelink for my indoor lights, and its design is straightforward and user-friendly.

They really ought to redesign the app from the ground up. When the smart function is activated, a different layout should appear.

All I want is:

• Programs for Valve 1
• Programs for Valve 2. That’s it.

Currently, if the valves operate simultaneously, it throws an error. If you set the same time they are not working.

I use this for indoor cultivation, and I should have the flexibility to open all the valves as needed.

Honestly, it’s such a cluttered app. I’ve attached a copy of ewelink for reference – it’s worth checking out for improvement ideas.

It seems like there was an overemphasis on planning tools, weather updates, and such. While these might benefit some, for users like me, it just crowds the main app interface.

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