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Updated at 2019-07-02 02:29:24 UTC

Hi Kyle.

Currently we only have notification for users about device is offline but you need to enable Netro App notification in your smart phone settings.

Netro always keep one month schedule on local and can keep water your yard up to one month without wifi. 

We just checked your account and we found you preferred watering time is 12 am ~ 5am. Netro keeps watering outside your preferred watering time because Netro thinks the smart watering is not enough. To strictly restrict watering to a certain period, please go to Settings->Restrictions to add a restriction.

Netro Support
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Kyle Giacomini
2019-07-04 00:02:38 UTC  
My controller goes offline quite often, once a day since I've noticed these issues. I have not received any notifications when the controller becomes disconnected from the internet or wifi. I have my phone notifications from Netro turned on as well. I have to manually unplug the power source to get it back online. Is there any way you can run a diagnostic on my controller?

Also, when the scheduled program was skipped, Is there a way to determine why the program for that zone failed? All I see is ⚠️, a yellow exclamation point triangle with no explanation for the reason it failed.

Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you for helping me troubleshoot this issue.
Netro Support
2019-07-04 06:02:36 UTC  
Hi Kyle,

Netro will send notification when the system is offline more than 24 hours. You did not receive notification because your Netro might went offline less than 24 hours.

When Sprite finishes running a watering schedule, it will send a confirmation to the cloud server. In this way, the could server knows whether the schedules are correctly executed or not.

The exclamation mark means the cloud server did not receive the confirmation from the device the schedule run fine but it was during a temporary network outage or exception so that the confirmation cannot be delivered to the server. Wireless connection can be unstable for a short period time so it is not uncommon to have a glitch in the communication.

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