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Tony D.
Updated at 2019-06-14 22:30:14 UTC
Topic: Installation

I am interested in buying the Netro Sprite sprinkler. I read several reviews and they are all pretty good. I noticed that many state that the sprite is not able to water two zones at the same time. Is this something limited by project and wanted or do you think it could be upgraded with a software upgrade?

I wanted to ask you some questions about my garden layout. I attach a planimetry for convenience.

The garden consists of two pieces surrounded by railings with a central railing too. The one on the left side is about 70cm lower then the one on the right side.

The two big areas are covered with lawn. At the left side border there are 8 laurus nobilis plants ( while at the right side border there are 8 Trachelospermum jasminoides plants (

Based on your experience how many zones would you create. At first I thought to go with three zones: one for both lawn plots, one for the laurus and another for the Trachelospermum. My doubt is I need to split the two lawn plots into two separate zones. How would the inability to operate different zones at the same time affect the watering and would the Sprite handle different times automatically or would I need to intervene manually?

My last question is about the Whisperer sensor, how many of them would you place in the garden?

Waiting forward to your suggestions,


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Netro Inc
Updated at 2019-06-17 08:13:02 UTC

Hi Tony,

1. The reason why only one zone can run at a time is that the AC power adapter usually only provides 800mA. One valve can consume 300mA and some people have a master valve or pump which also consumes 300mA. If 2 zones run with a master valve, the total current would be 900mA which is unsafe. However, if you do not have master valve or pump, you can connect 2 zones to one slot in the controller.

2.We would like to help on the zone planning but we are not experts in this area. However, how many zones you need depends on the sprinkler types and also the water pressure. If a sprinkler can cover a larger area, you probably need less sprinklers. I would suggest you consult an irrigation profession for optimal zone planning.

3. As each zone is unique, with different plants, sunlight and soil conditions, we recommend to place one sensor in each zone for best watering results. Consider adding sensors for the zones that you care most. However, in a future version of the app, we will allow one sensor to monitor up to 3 zones but the user needs to make sure the zones have similar environmental conditions.


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