Kirk Davis
Updated at 2019-06-14 11:06:04 UTC
Absolutely- a must have! I am so frustrated by the user interface- it's  nothing short of maddening.  The simplistic features that qould fix it could be coded in India in about a week. Giving it one more update to fix these things, then BLASTING them on Amazon. My neighbor hates me for suggesting and installing hers. Darksky is always wrong, amd not being anle to input actual rainfall, or at the very least hardcode zone moisture level to reset the calculation is ridiculous. 
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Netro Support
2019-06-17 08:51:28 UTC  
Hi Kirk,

We are sorry about the inaccurate weather info. Rain delay feature is supported by Netro. To add a rain delay, users can go to the Schedule page, press the + sign on the right upper corner and select Rain Delay. If you want to review the created rain delays, you can go Settings->Restrictions and your the rain delays will be shown. You can edit and delete the existing rain delays too.

We understand you are frustrated and we are very sorry. Darksky cannot be changed and currently we are developing weather underground pws.

As a workaround, you can customize the weather restrictions. This is in setting -> preferences -> rain. By default, Netro skip schedules today and tomorrow if today rains more than 0.2 inch. You can customize it, like I want to skip the schedules on the day after tomorrow as well, or I want to skip if rain more than 0.5 inch.

Please let us know if my answer helps.

Netro Support