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Jens Wymeersch
Updated at 2021-07-28 18:18:16 UTC
Topic: Connected Home

Although that I'm still hoping Netro will start understanding their appliance/app is only a smart part of a smart home ecosystem and start integrating with Home Assistant. Even huge vendors like Tuya, have understood that this is essential for most Home Automation Enthusiast. 

For the time being, some folks have used the API to get some data to home assistant

I believe a lot of us are happy with the appliance, but aren't looking at it often enough. Result in my case at least that my whisperer was out for more than a month. This could have been avoided if we had an integration to Home Assistant who would have alerted me.

So please Netro, do the extra mile !

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Wency Pan
2021-07-29 08:41:06 UTC  
Hi Jens,

Thanks very much for your feedback. Home Assistant is not supported. I will forward your suggestion to our R&D.

Netro Support

Jens Wymeersch
2021-07-31 17:48:09 UTC  
Hello Wency, thank you for your quick reply. During the last few days, I've been able to get via your API a lot of meaningful data. The only point that I believe that is missing on the API side, is that for the sensor (Whisperer), the state nor the battery level is being published. This is a critical piece of the puzzle, allowing folks to take action pro-actively if the battery levels are too low or when the device isn't working properly any more to take direction action. Th ank you for pushing for this !

2022-02-07 08:36:12 UTC  
I agree Jens comment about battery level missing and I add also the last and next update time for the Netro Pixie. The best way for a good integration still remain the MQTT protocol.

2022-02-24 12:32:20 UTC  
+1. Home assistant ecosystem is the way to go. Having to open every single app for every single task .... not the way to go.

Jens Wymeersch
2022-06-30 05:53:19 UTC  
Hello, we are again a year down the line. I was wondering if there was any progress with the integration to Home Assistant ?

Ken Wiens
2022-07-03 06:38:21 UTC  
Having full integration with Home Assistant would be a great addition. I see several other competing irrigation systems already have full integration with home assistant. I'd rather not switch, but I do watch this closely

Christophe Benoit
2023-06-18 16:33:07 UTC  
Hi there ! I suggest you to take a quick look at the following url and prepare your home assistant server to take advantage of Netro inside it :