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Updated at 2019-07-29 03:11:08 UTC
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Device sharing between Netro users is supported. A user can authorize multiple users to access his or her Netro products.

To give access to other users, please log in your Netro account, go to Settings->Controller->Manage Users.

Note: Shared users must have a Netro account.

Add or delete users

Device owner can add or delete users through adding or deleting their user name or email account.

Tap “Manage Users” to authorize other users to access the device owner’s Netro products.

Tap “Manage Users” and then you will be directed to the “Users” Page.

Then you can add new manager or new player by tapping the “+” button.

Tap the “+” button and input the user name or user account.

Please input the user name or user account.

Tap “save” and then the user can have access to owner’s shared device.

Users’ information is displayed on “Users” page.

Once users are added, shared users will be shown on “Users” page.

 Access rights of shared users

There are two different types of shared type: Manager and player. Manager and player have different access rights. Manager has more access rights than player. Both manager and player cannot delete controller, change address, delete or add sensor.

Note: Shared users must have a Netro acccount.

Manager’s access rights:

Manager can use all the features of the shared device except deleting controller, changing address, deleting or adding sensor.

Player’s access rights:

a. Read-only: All settings in Controller, Sensors, Program(except run a cycle), Zone list can not be edited.

b. Hide: Preferences, Regulations, Restrictions, zone detail are not shown on Settings page. Regulations events and Restrictions events created by users are not shown on Schedule page.

c. Access to Schedule page: Player can create a one-time Run or Rain Delay on Schedule page.

d. Access to Program:Player can only do “run a cycle now” to programs created by device owners. Player can create a one-time Run or Rain Delay on Schedule page.

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Ross Miles
2019-04-10 16:49:14 UTC  
Tried to add a "player" for my sprinkler repairman and couldn't get pass the email screen - always "invalid name/email"
Netro Support
2019-04-17 01:43:32 UTC  
Hi Ross, shared users must have a Netro account to access.

2021-06-10 01:24:48 UTC  
Hi, I added a user with their own Netro account as above and they have successfully logged in to it. Do they have to go through the wifi setup with the controller as I did when I initially set it up (ie HOST mode etc) or should they be able to 'see' the controller on the network and link to it? If it's the latter, my partner can't find it through her app (or even her wifi list).
Netro Inc
2021-06-21 05:22:34 UTC  
Hi Petro,

Shared user does not need to go through the wifi setup with the controller. Please let your partner register a Netro account first. Please let us know if it works.

Netro Support