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Updated at 2020-07-16 01:52:56 UTC

Hi Alan,

The default setting of Netro Pixie timer is "basic" mode.(Settings->Zones->Smart Zone)  In this level, no smart schedule will be generated. You will need to add programs manually (go to Settings->Programs to add programs) and Netro will skip programs when there is large amount of rain(>0.2inch/ 5.08 mm) or watering regulations.

You can try the "advanced mode". In this level, your zones will be watered automatically by Netro and smart watering will be automatically adjusted depending on your zone specification. To set up your Pixie timer, you can set the sprinkler type as "Dripper" if you use drippers. Please note your zone will have longer watering duration if you select dripper because dripping/emitter system is really slow in moving watering to the ground.

You can enable the "advanced" mode to check if it meet your watering needs. To adjust smart watering, you can go to Settings->Garden->Smart zone, select level "advanced"->Mode to select your preferred watering mode.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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