Weather override

Updated at 2018-06-19 17:51:18 UTC

Netro support two weather sources: darksky and wunderground. Darksky is the default one, if it doesn't work, you can try with wunderground. 

Netro periodically update weather data and re-calculate schedules if weather changes. If forecast data is not accurate, for example, not enough rain on 20th, Netro knows the accurate data later (e.g. 21th) and water more later. 

Currently, Netro adds a system-level constraint: "do not water if the effective rain (rain *probability) is greater than 0.1inch (2.5mm)". The next release of Netro app will allows customers to personalize the threshold. 

Soil type?

Updated at 2018-06-19 17:44:38 UTC

There are three basic soil types: 

  1. clay: It's compact and heavy, can hold water, but it's difficult for plants to develop roots into it. 
  2. sandy: It's the opposite of clay. It drains fast but tends to loose water and nutritions. 
  3. loam: It's dark, rich soil, the best soil for almost everything.
Netro also support combinations: 

  1. loamy sand
  2. sandy loam
  3. silty clay
  4. clay loam
You can get a rough idea based on location from the STATSGO database. 


Subsoil Moisture-Netro app

Updated at 2018-06-19 17:30:31 UTC
Netro has a complicated model to estimate the moisture level. Roughly speaking, it records or estimates the amount of rain, irrigation watering, evaporation, run-off, and so on. Based on these data, the Netro could calculated the moisture level for subsoil.