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Updated at 2020-06-10 07:42:23 UTC

Dear customer,

As you set the rain threshold "0.1" inch and days to skip as "rainy day", Netro will skip your watering schedules when the reported rain amount is larger than 0.1 inch. Netro skipped your schedules on June 8. Could you please let us know on which day Netro still watered your zone even it's raining? Rain amount was less than 0.1 inch reported by Accuweather expect on June 8 and perhaps the weather provider is not accurate. You can  find the historical rain data here

If Accuweather does not work for you, you could try other weather source in settings->controller->weather provider. 

Of course, all weather forecast could be wrong. Netro tries the best to provide accurate watering schedule even with incorrect forecast. First, we periodically update the weather data, once the weather data is changed, we update the un-executed schedules ASAP. Second, we re-check the weather data for the past, update our model, and adjust following schedules accordingly. For example, Netro may not water today due to large rainfall from forecast data. The next day, Netro re-check the weather data, if no rainfall found and your soil is dry enough, Netro will water accordingly.


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2020-07-15 04:04:06 UTC  
Thanks. We had good rain today. Yet my sprinkler went off tonight?
Netro Inc
2020-07-15 07:05:12 UTC  
Hi RH,

We have manually checked the data for your place on Accuweather and Darksky.

Today Accuweather shows rain as 0.04 inch and Darksky showed 0.16 inch.,-104.9858/2020-7-14/us12/en

If you turn on the smart zone feature, Netro will skip the schedules(including manual schedules from user programs) when there is a chance of significant rain(>0.2inch). 0.04 inch rain reported by Accuweather today is smaller than 0.2 inch so Netro did not skip your schedules.

If the weather data of Accuweather is not correct, you can switch to Darksky. (Settings->Controller->Weather Provider)

Netro Support

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