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Updated at 2020-06-05 02:10:51 UTC

Dear Alessandro,

We did some research and the myrtle family (Myrtaceae) contains about 150 genera and 3,300 species of trees and shrubs. You can search for "Eugenia" or "myrtle" to check if it is similar. We can update our plant database and could you please tell us more details about your plants, for example, the botanical name of your plants. Please let us know if you are referring to "Metrosideros excelsa".


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Alessandro Raffi
2020-06-06 20:14:48 UTC  
Thanks a lot forbyour feedback. I Will try with Myrtle. This ks about my plant: Metrosideros excelsa, with common names pōhutukawa, New Zealand pohutukawa,[2] New Zealand Christmas tree,[3] New Zealand Christmas bush,[4] and iron tree,[5] is a coastal evergreen tree in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae, that produces a brilliant display of red (or occasionally orange, yellow[6] or white[7]) flowers made up of a mass of stamens. The pōhutukawa is one of twelve Metrosideros species endemic to New Zealand. Renowned for its vibrant colour and its ability to survive even perched on rocky, precarious cliffs, it has found an important place in New Zealand culture for its strength and beauty and is regarded as a chiefly tree (rākau rangatira) by Māori.[8] The blossom of the tree is called kahika.[3]

Thanks again!!

Netro Inc
2020-06-09 02:11:43 UTC  
Hi Alessandro,

Thanks for your confirmation and we will send you email to notify you when we update our plant database in a few days.

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Carlos Oliveira
2020-06-11 07:34:13 UTC  
Please let me know too when Metrosideros are available.