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I’ve just bought my first Sprite and Whisperer and really eager to receive them and start them running in my garden.
In Italy, where I live, we often have this situation: during “off summer season” we live in town, but the garden is located in an holiday site, for instance at the seaside house (this is my case). It may happen that we experiment, sometimes, but unpredictably, a “power outage” accident. 
As far as I know, Netro has implemented a “cloud application”. Is it possible to be promptly advised that a “power outage” has just occurred? That would be quite useful, since if I’m promptly known of the issue, I can immediately take a properly action to recover the outage (with the help of a neighbour for instance). This may also be some kind helpful to support the diagnosis around the cause of the issue. I think that the “use case” might be the following: if Sprite is not set to “off mode” and have “no answer” to the check, send a message “possible power outage on Sprite id XXX”. Desirable channel of communication: email, whatsup, sms, … I’d really appreciate to know what you think about my proposition. I really deem it could be a very appreciated “complementary, but valuable service”.
Second question: is there any update on the list of the Meteo Forecasting Providers thar are supported by Netro? I’m interested particularly in Meteo.it and 3bmeteo.com
Thank you very much for your attention and support
Gian Piero

Answer From Netro Inc

Netro Inc
Updated at 2020-04-27 07:26:17 UTC

Hi Gian,

I have forwarded your suggestion about a“power outage” reminder to our R&D and we will discuss about it! 

Actually a few of our users also suggest Meteo weather provider and we will do some investigation to support it in the future.

Thanks for your suggestions and please let us know if you have any questions! We are always here to listen.


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Gian Piero Pepino
2020-04-27 11:03:37 UTC  
Thank you so much!
I'll be looking forward to receiving your feedback. Best regards
Gian Piero