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Updated at 2020-03-12 02:41:52 UTC

Hi Stefano,

Which Alexa still are you using? It should be the Netro Home skill not the Netro skill.

Also, I think you will see the Netro device in the skill. It is completely on voice command and after you link your Netro account you can just say the commands to Alexa.

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stefano banfi gaslini
2020-03-12 21:02:46 UTC  

the skill is the correct one, it is netro home and it is correctly connected.
alexa is echo dot, in Italian
I still expect to see the device in "my devices"
best regards

stefano banfi gaslini
2020-03-18 14:59:36 UTC  

support, you said that for alexa, the skill is completely vocal (no divece is present) and it is true that if I send the voice command to alexa, pixie starts, but because you have not done as with google home app where the device is also present and can i also control pixie with my hands via touch on the google home app?
Netro Inc
2020-03-19 08:24:01 UTC  
Hi Stefano,

Alexa provides voice control but it does not have the function to manage the devices like Google Home, so you will not see the device in the Alexa App. This feature is now limited by Alexa.