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Updated at 2019-08-27 01:42:09 UTC

Hi Gérard,

Currently Netro system does not have a way to change the sequence of the zones. However, I think you can avoid watering zone 5 at certain time by creating a restriction. So basically you can tell the system to NOT watering a zone in a time frame. This can be done in settings->restrictions->add a restriction.


Netro Support

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Kody Davis
2019-08-29 01:41:24 UTC  
Or just swap station 5 wire and station 7 wire order. Easy to do and then Netro will have 7 run where 5 used to. 2 minute fix if you have access to your controller still.

Homestead One
2019-09-17 20:26:25 UTC  
Tey to rename your zones. It may work