Steve Maddigan
Updated at 2018-07-28 02:16:13 UTC

Hi. I am new to this myself and have only had the system for about a month. I currently have only three zones and have set them up for daily morning watering. I have smart zones disabled in each zone. 

Under Preferences / Settings - it has a Weather Conditions area. 

Under Rain I have the Strategy set to Expectation,

The Threshold set to 5mm (I actually think I should reduce this to something like 2 or 3mm)


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Steve Maddigan
2018-07-28 02:21:29 UTC  
What I would like to see is a button on the home screen to manually suspend watering for x days.

Ken Wiens
2018-08-04 04:52:25 UTC  
I'd like to see it automatically deduct the expected rainfall from the manually scheduled amount. Eg if my prog is to water 20mm, and it rains 15mm, then reduce my program to 5mm.

Steve Maddigan
2018-08-19 12:57:53 UTC  
Hi Ken, I agree, that would be a nice addition.

I found a way to manual skip a scheduled day. In the Schedule tab under the month view it lists the schedules for that day. You hit the gear on the right for a certain zone and you can select skip this zone or skip all zones.

But once you do that it disappears from the schedule and I can not see a way to get it back if you click it by mistake.