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Updated at 2019-07-04 13:51:55 UTC

We have not supported and The Weather Channel yet. But we are going to support weather underground PWS, which should be similar with The Weather Channel,  as both owned by IBM. 

Weather providers have their own data source and modeling method, so their data could be different. That's why we support multiple weather providers, such that customers can select the one works best in their area. If my guess is correct, the last picture is for Darksk. The first two have 0/0 for Lun because the other two weather providers do not support 1-week forecast data, which is fine as we fetch weather data and update your watering schedules everyday. 

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Gabriele Gianello
2019-07-09 20:04:15 UTC  
Thanks. BTW it’s very important that you kindly evaluate the integration of or another European based weather forecast provider because at the day of today all the forecast are wrong...
It’s summer time here and no rain has shown since weeks....
the wrong forecast are afflicting the smart functions of your wonderful app.... please support us (I am advising any friend about the quality of your products...)