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Updated at 2019-06-27 02:18:21 UTC

Hi Terry, 

Our current design is maximum 60 minutes for one zone each time. In our future release we will consider extend this time. For now, you can work around by adding multiple programs. Please go Settings>programs>add programs. Make sure there is no overlap of start and end time between two programs since Netro can only water one zone each time. 



Netro Support

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Cole Tiwater
2019-08-06 23:38:37 UTC  
This is a problem for me as well, I have a very large yard where I want to run my rotors for 90 minutes a few times a week but can't. Also, can't set multiple programs because they run across days and it kicks that error. Big problem when you have 12 zones of grass.

Curtis Jackson
2023-04-14 19:17:19 UTC  
You have GOT to be kidding me. I am using a motion-activated sprinkler to deter the wildlife eating my plants at night. I want to turn on the water just before sunset, and turn if off about an hour after dawn. Are you seriously telling me the only way I can do that is to set up 13 60-minute programs that run back-to-back? Please tell me there is a way to simply, SIMPLY, turn on the water at night and turn if off again in the morning.