Netro Support
Updated at 2019-06-27 02:15:02 UTC
Dear customer,

Thanks for contacting us.

1.To say directly to google, you can try "ok google,talk to netro sprite",after recognition, then say "water zone 1 for 5 minutes."

2. Currenly Netro waters one zone at a time. We will get it to recognize sequential zone commands in the future.

3. Currently we do not support specific zone name but only zone index, for example, zone 1, zone 2. You can talk to your Google home like: "Hey google, ask Netro Sprite to water zone two for 5 minutes." or "Hey google, ask Netro Sprite to stop watering." Currently these are the only two commands that we support. We will add more in future, for example, running a specific program.


Netro Support

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