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Manuel Herbst
Updated at 2023-07-03 20:19:28 UTC
Topic: Smart Watering

Hey everybody, 

My actual device hunter x-core 6 is watering the plant area (150m2) every day for 30 minutes on a sunny day having 22 degrees. The hunter makes a plus/minus adjustment of the weather differs from the "usual day". 

Now I bought Netro sprite because it has WiFi and a nice app. But I can't find a way to have a similar setup. (Around 30 minutes daily watering with weather adjustment by weather app) . I tried to change all parameters but I didn't get even close. (Every 1.6 days around 12 minutes, see attached screenshot.)

Can anybody help me?

Best regards


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Wency Pan
Updated at 2023-07-04 08:55:45 UTC

Dear customer,

Netro's smart watering is calculated based on various factors such as plant type, soil type, and soil moisture conditions. Adjusting the frequency or duration too high may result in water wastage. If you want to strictly water your plants for 30 minutes a day,  we suggest set up a program and set the smart watering level as basic level. 

Alternatively, you can adjust the flow rate, soil type, or plant type to water your plants for 30 minutes a day,, but we do not recommend these methods as they may deviate from the actual zone information.

For more information about Netro smart watering, here is an article about Netro three watering modes which might be helpful.



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